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Save the future of India: Innocent faces in the dark

“Children are buds for a blooming society”

If someone asks me about three important factors for developing a society and a country in broad, my answer will surely include the development of children of that society. If youths are the future of the nation then, childhood is the perfect time to shape the youths.

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Childhood is the best phase of our life for most of us. There is no tension for earning, no worries about future. However, this is an umbrella concept. Most of us have the same thing in mind about the tension free childhood days. Childhood is called as the golden period of a human life. If we ask great successful personalities about their wishes, one of the wishes would surely be the wish to go back and live the childhood days again. But, the situation is not identical always. There are a huge number of people who would never like to trace back to their childhood days. In a similar way, there are uncountable numbers of children whose childhood period are never golden and never tension free or devoid of worries. Most of us wish for a Utopian world, where everything will be perfect. We think about living a big dream, but, reality gives a contrasting picture.

According to a report by UNICEF, “around the world, millions of children are denied these rights and deprived of what they need to grow up healthy and strong – because of their place of birth; because of their race, ethnicity or gender; or because they have a disability or live in poverty”. 

But, these things are easily noticed. We need not go to abroad or to other states of the country to witness these issues. These are happening right in front of our eyes. We all anticipate for a better country, better world, and better society. But, the concept of better is an ambiguous one as it differs from person to person. It is a fact that, in order to make the nation better, we first need to start our journey right from our neighbours, from our own surroundings. These words definitely sound didactic but, I am writing because, I do not want other people to keep observing, noticing, and contemplating anymore. My intention is to make ourselves concern for these children who really need our help. Humanity is nowhere else than here. Peace is here, and anyone can feel and experience after putting at least little effort for the betterment of the life of these children.

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As we are socially connected, we are privileged enough to know about the conditions of the children of our society and the world. If we go by the statistics,

  • 13,40,000 children below 5 die in a year, that is 3671 under 5 child deaths per day
  • Nearly half of all child deaths under 5 in India are attributed to under-nutrition
  • 1 in every 11 children in India is working, when they should be at school. 

** Stats mentioned above are courtesy - Save The Children

These figures are really stunning and many of us might not contemplate about them. But, this is the reality. We are living in a developing country, and we feel proud to be one of the fastest growing economies in the world. But, the question is “are we developing or simply growing?”. Many of us criticise others for doing wrong things and for attempting for wrong/evil executions.

But do we really have the right to criticise others? 

It is just like criticising the government without giving the least effort to press the voting button during the election. So, in simple words, we do not have the moral right to criticise the youths until we put some effort to help them in the childhood. In the same way, we cannot blame those people in the future for taking wrong paths until and unless we help them in choosing the right track in their life.

ngo working for betterment of children's lives in India reviewmantra
Thus, different NGOs are putting their effort to help those underprivileged children to lead a normal playful life like other children of their age. There are numerous organisations in India itself who are actively working dedicatedly in promoting the life many children. The primary aims and objectives of these non-governmental organisations are similar although they have clearly defined vision and missions of their own.

In my next article, I shall share my own experience about a significant organisation which is completely associated with the issues related to children.

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Written by Dhiraj Medhi
A Masters student in Linguistics and Endangered Languages, Dhiraj is fond of writing, singing and playing instruments. He wishes to create a positive atmosphere in the society through this writings and music.

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