Wednesday, 5 April 2017

My Didi Review: Should you try their services?

One of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks that we come across in our daily lives is cleaning our homes. Believe me, the maid not turning up for work is one of the worst nightmares for many. It is often very difficult to find good maids with professional skills and even if you are lucky enough, their untimely leaves turn into a chaotic situation. At times, you are not just satisfied with the quality of work and you want to get deep-cleaned by professionals for festivals or special occasions when you expect a lot of visitors. Almost all of us come across similar situations and to solve this pain-points, a startup My Didi has started professional services on the similar lines.

Having read a lot about them, I thought to try their services on a weekend. Although we have a maid at home for cleaning purposes, there were some things which she had explicitly defined out of her work horizon. These include sofa and windows cleaning etc, so I booked their services through My Didi mobile app. Booking a service has been made extremely convenient and you get instant SMS confirmation on your registered mobile number. It also describes the exact time slot of the service. Additionally, I also got a call from one of their executives to understand my specific requirements.

Well, once their professionals arrived (exactly on the desired time-slot), I was amazed to see so many cleaning equipments with them. These included a vacuum cleaner, different sort of sanitizers catered for specific cleaning purposes etc.

The professionals wasted no time and asked me more about what I wanted to be deep cleaned. I wanted to get my Sofa vacuum cleaned and the windows mirrors to shine like new. Then started the action, the level of details and perfection by them certainly displayed their expertise in whatever they were doing. It required no intervention from me thereafter but they were open to get suggestions and specific directions (if any).

You can have a look at the effect of their professional cleaning, here is the picture taken through my windows glass (see below). It was crystal clear after getting cleaned and if you do not believe me, check out the reflection of the light from within my house.

Similarly, the sofa set was made completely dust and dirt free with an in-depth cleaning service it received. 

After the completing the defined assignment, they packed up all their stuff and did not leave a single cleaning material leftover. The professionals also asked for feedback on their work and whether I was satisfied with the outcome. The house was cleaned to the core and for the next day, it even had a pleasant smell of their sanitizers.

Coming to the pricing, they have clearly defined rates for the cleaning requirements. The rates are Rs 299 per hour for each professional and their package of 2 professionals for two hours is sufficient to get your things done. You can check out their services to plan what you do want specifically. Another good aspect that I found is in the name itself, My Didi not only gives employment to people and trains them to be professionals, it also attaches a sense of dignity towards their work. Their tagline 'Get a Didi, not a maid' explains their respect towards their professionals. The people who came to my place were very cordial and spoke softly, so it makes complete sense to reciprocate the kind behaviour with humility.

The end-result that I got from their service was truly more than expected and it gave me the idea of getting my house deep-cleaned occasionally. Their service is highly recommended as there can be no comparison between the services of the regular maid's work and My Didi. So, the next time your maid goes on a leave or you just want to make your home completely fresh again, just try My Didi and I am sure you'll love it.

Written by Rohit Jha

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