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Is Entrepreneurship Over-hyped And Misleading These Days?

Now a day’s entrepreneurship is the most commonly heard thing as so many people with great success stories are emerging out like the owner of companies like GoPro, Oneplus, Peak Design, and the list goes on as there are tons of examples to give and get motivated upon. They all had good exposure due to this age of social media, which is kind of good thing to the people who are looking to do similarly. Hence everywhere we can see the word entrepreneurship.

The media is only focusing on the good and healthy part of their journey as people are misguided in thinking that they can also become like them with some good ideas. What they are actually missing is on the darker side where they faced all kinds of problems and how they struggled to continue it. How determined they were to bring the idea into daily life uses.

Whether it may be for getting the funds or manpower to work for them. It is totally different now as people are getting out of their settled life and trying it out. Media is hyping it out as they are now making a good amount of money after a long duration of investments which have all kinds of setbacks.

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The truth is that it is not all easy and quick as they show in the social media. They have spent so many years with all different kinds of hurdles and they had setbacks, change of ideas. The one with they started and the one they are famous for may be different.


With the increasing presence on the social media regarding the entrepreneurship, everyone thinks that it is so easy, just have a good idea and you can make loads of money from them within short periods of time. Whereas it the right opposite of what they see, they don’t see the years and years of failure which they have been through and all those sleepless nights they have spent without having a single penny for the dinner.

The ideas! Everyone gets them all the time, but only some have the guts and the focused mindset to turn that idea into a reality. They stick to that single idea and work in all the possible ways to turn into reality and they don’t give up on the first failures as they have made their mind to get the thing done. If you are dedicated and determined to turn the idea into a reality then you don’t have to worry about the failures and setbacks.

It is easy to get motivated and do the similar things, but the fact is that it won’t happen in one or two days it may take weeks, months or maybe years. What matters most is the focus on that goal of yours which you are looking to achieve. Failures are to be treated as the learning lessons as they are everywhere or else you won’t be learning things yourself.

With all these in mind go ahead and get your dreams.

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