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2 Mistakes That We All Make in Early 20s

It’s hard to make friends and it’s even harder to let go off them. Isn’t it? I m sure you’ll agree. Every day we try to make friends, new friends, but we never ask ourselves what happened to the old ones, why don’t we talk or where are they now. Some mistakes that we commit so often and don't realize that it has already destroyed what we had. It’s not because someone wasn’t willing to continue to be friends with you, rather it was because you stopped making efforts. And, they didn’t try to find out why and gave up on you easily instead of being the matured one.

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So, today I will share two mistakes that we commit daily that leads us to a life without any friends. The practical mistakes that you’ve committed or you’re committing in your early twenties that you’ll always regret.

1. Trying to be friends with new guys, sidelining the old ones

Though this is not the primary problem here, the actual issue is: in an ordeal to make new friends in order to expand the friend circle, we start missing on opportunities that would have helped us strengthen the bonds with friends who could have been your best buddies. So, my advice to people out there still in their early twenties, realization happens too late so don't wait for it. If you’re aware of committing this mistake, start correcting your mistakes and start focusing on people who really care for you. This is because if you don't happen to get successful in making new friends, you'll lose the old ones. Moreover, as they say, old is gold and guys, you’re sadly you're losing a bit of it every day. Mend the hole before you lose all of it.

How to find out which friend to focus on? Just check your Whatsapp and dedicate some time to read your conversation with people and find out which conversation was easy to make, where the efforts were from both sides. It’s time for the emotional dialogue, apne dil se pucho because it really knows the answer.

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2. You made no efforts to keep in touch with your school buddies

Okay, guys, whether you agree or not, one thing you'll regret the whole life and the guilt will be so unbearable that tears will roll down on your cheeks. The mistake is not making efforts to keep in touch with mates in school. Your school friends are the best thing that has happened to you in your entire life. The times when you did those crazy things and made those never ending plans with your boyfriends and girlfriends, believe me, the happiness and the smile on your face were authentic. As soon as you grow up, everything starts happening for a reason and every person in your life would a basic need from you but this is the only difference them and your school friends.

School friends happened without any reason, with no selfish needs. So, the best you can get is your school friends. Remember the madness that you did with the idiots every day in your school with no worries of life at all, the feeling; sadly you'll never get that.

Thus, if you've somehow messed it up already, it's never too late to start again. Hurry up! Check your Facebook, Whatsapp, or any other source that can get you their contact details.

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Written by Vatsa

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