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The Evolution of Motorcycle Safety Gears in India - Arrive SAFE

With the increasing craze and popularity of biking culture in India, more and more brands of riding gear are being introduced. Proper riding gears are most important as they can be matter of life and death depending upon the situation.

A few years back there were only a selected brands which were present, some were foreign and some were Indian. At those times online shopping was not that much popular as they are right now. Hence the one has to find the shops or order online (if he/she is in good shape and knows the proper sizes). Finding shops were more difficult as they would be in few selected cities.

Let's take a look at some the hurdles we overcame in the evolution of riding safety gears over the past few years:

Lack of knowledge

Yes! It was the time when most of them didn't know what are riding gears or what purpose they had apart from looking cool on the bike. They were not given much importance as the bikes were of lesser capacity and roads were in so good conditions. Upon that the culture of biking was just beginning. But time has passed and along with came the importance of riding gears and certified helmets. At that time there were not many sources to rely on for proper guidance.

Now there are so many YouTube channels and people who are into educating others on these subjects. They contain from unboxing to first time review to even long term review.

Lack of accessibility

Those time people didn't have much faith on the online purchases, hence one and the only option was to go to a shop and buy. These kind of shops were rare at that time, very few shops were present with limited options to choose from and also at a higher price. The common man had no option as the gears were of higher cost and also fewer options to choose from. Most of the brands were foreign hence being so pricey and not of the proper size and fit.

Lack of importance

People who wear helmets just to get pass by traffic police, would they care of all these costly investments in riding gears. Even those cheap helmets sold were of no quality, came with no specific certifications or tests to withstand the impact.  People value more for their cell phones and hairstyles than their life or head. It’s our life, not someone else so we are responsible for it and if we don’t care who else will.

Hence people are happy with cheap helmets. Helmets hanging around their elbows, helmets on the rear-view mirror just to get pass by the traffic police. When they can’t wear a helmet properly do you think they’ll be interested in wearing all those heavy riding gears to daily commute???


First of all, it is self-awareness that our life is precious and parents, loved ones will be waiting at home for us to arrive safely. Not the government, not the traffic police can make you wear helmet/riding gears to save your lives. By saving money on the cheap riding gears with no certification, no proper fit will cost us double when we get into trouble. We should be aware of fake products in market and get good certified ones which can be trusted in the troublesome conditions to save our lives.

If you value your life and the once who are dependent on you, you’ll definitely make right choice of leaving no room for error.

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Written by Rajeev.K (austinrajiv)
I am a simple person with interest in riding bikes (with protective gears), music (rap & metal), writing (about things that i experience), photography, fitness, food (vegetarian), that's all !!  live and let live.

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