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DIY Fashion And Style: A Budget Way To Reinvent Your Wardrobe


Today’s era is mostly dependent on this word because when we do something by our own, we are much more gratified and at the same time we experience doing the work according to our wish. DIY is applicable to every different thing which we do in our day to day life which includes fashion too.

Now a question arises how can it be done for Fashion?

The answer is, it’s always that each one of us wants to do something different to outshine from others. When it comes to a fashion it may be possible that, if you are following the latest trend, others might also do the same and at a point it clashes with yours. So think how you can avoid this situation.


Simply ‘DIY’ it because only it has the ability which can make you stand out in a crowd. Apart from it, this ‘do it yourself’ activity has many other benefits like many times it happens to us that our old stuffs are set in our wardrobe from so long which we have used it once or twice and we don’t know what to do with them.

With the help of this pursuit, you can reinvent your fashion in your own way, besides you can also create a brand new stylish trend in a very marginal time. It’s true that this is a very good past time but you can explore your creativity by doing the craft on your old clothes, belts, bellies etc. All you have to do is bringing your imagination and art together in such a manner that the fusion of both can discover something explosive in a voguish way.

It’s time to turn up your old ones into a smart and stylish piece. Follow few suggestions to regenerate your outdated materials into an up-to-date one:

Let’s starts with T-shirts. 

All of us have many t-shirts which we wear once and keep them in a cupboard and forget it because these are out of fashion and you don’t know what to do with it. There is an idea which can convert your T-shirts into Tank tops; as you can wear it and can go for Gym or for a Zumba classes.

Take any t-shirt that you want to reinvent, scissor, and a stitching material. To start, fold your t-shirt in such a way that both the sleeves of it overlap each other. After folding it carefully cut down the sleeves with the help of scissor in an equal share. Open the fold and cut the back in a shape to give it a proper Tank top look. Once done, slightly fold and stitch the corners of both the shoulder for a clean stare.

Many other related ideas are there from which you can revive your old t-shirts into a new look. Like if you have a light colour shirt or t-shirts with no design on it, you can simply paint it with the contrasting shades. On it you can write the first initial of your name in a stylish way, can make any motifs or any other different art which is there in your mind you can simply print it on your t-shirts.

Other than these, a DIY activity can be done with your already printed t-shirt. All you have to do is cut down the printed part of approximately 7-8 t-shirts which are not in use and convert it into impressing scarfs.

If you have pretty clips and you are not in a mood to use it again or it got ragged, no worries instead with it decorate your bellies and loafers in a stylish way.  Take out the cute clips, stitch or stick them to your bellies or to any footwear for a different look.

If you have pretty clips and you are not in a mood to use it again or it got ragged, no worries instead with it decorate your bellies and loafers in a stylish way.  Take out the cute clips, stitch or stick them to your bellies or to any footwear for a different look.

Old jean is there with us in a very number. We can easily convert it into capris or can give it a look of hot pants in a sexy way. To innovate it, requirements are scissors, decorative laces, stitching material and a marker.

Procedure: Take your jeans and fold it in such a manner that the leg of it overlaps each other. Now with the help of a marker mark the length according to your choice whether you want to create Capri or hot pants from it.

Cut it and fold the little end to stitch it. Beautify it with laces or any other decorative stuffs like beads, patches etc., to give it a readymade look.

Same with your jackets or denims. We all have blazers that are kept in our closet from ages. Take them out and give it a new look by adding a new twist to it.

The blazer can be converted into a waistcoat easily.

Before starting all we need is zippers for front length, scissors, marking chalk, bias ribbon, and sewing machine.

  • Now take away all the buttons of the blazer. 
  • Put the mark where you want to cut the armhole for the waistcoat and cut it gently. 
  • Take down the excess in the sides and make it fit to your body.
  • With the help of a sewing machine stitch the bias ribbon on the inside of the armholes.
  • Sew the edge of the bias ribbon to fix the outside of the waistcoat.
  • Close the waistcoat in such a way so that the buttonholes are below the front overlap. Now fix the zipper and transform your blazer into the waistcoat. You can also garnish it with the design of your choice. Also if you have the denim jackets, give it a refreshing look; all you have to do is stick the decorative beads in a patterned way on the collar or on shoulders by yourself and add wave to your glance.
Create your own stories by presenting a new fashion from your old stuffs in a reviving way with these simple DIY techniques.

Written by Tanisha Chitransh
A Diligent, Punctual and Self-Motivated Person who believes in having good interpersonal skills.

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