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Cinema and its impact on Indian society

“Life is a movie! We all are different characters; Each one, whether having expensive dresses or no clothes;… the young lad polishing an old shoe in the footpath finds himself in the place of his favorite hero of an inspiring movie… it really happens, at least in India..

When it comes to movies in India, the realistic picture of huge gathering pushing each other’s back to get hold of tickets outside the movie hall, long queue of public irrespective of class and age with the real zeal and love for their heroes and heroines come to the mind. It cannot be denied as a kind of worship (for some), and patriotism though in an unconventional way. The country’s rich reservoir of versatile motion pictures and other areas closely related to it stuns people from every corner of the world.

Bollywood is one of the favorite words for any Indian college-lad/ lass. Every year, Bollywood produces an enormous number of big/medium/small-budget films, documentaries to its lovely audiences. For many, it brings a new dawn of hope. In brief, it will not be absolutely wrong if I call our hearts as “Bollywood–centric”. When a guy starts feeling for a girl, his mind definitely starts drawing different Bollywood scenes. When the same guy realises his that feeling as his love, then a different Bollywood scene comes into play instantly. It is quite a natural phenomenon. When that guy is about to propose his lady-love, at that time also a romantic Bollywood movie scene will relate him with the hero of that movie. The dilemma which that boy undergoes during that phase of his life will also be related unconsciously without a prior nod. If that guy receives a positive nod from his love, then famous typical Bollywood scenes and dialogue will pervade the mind of that boy. And if unfortunately, he gets rejected by his lady-love, then there will be a numerous number of Bollywood scenes which will fit his story and mental state. If he starts drinking (alcohol) because of that rejection by his love, people will give him a nickname or tag as “Devdas”.

It is well said that there is a lady/woman behind every man’s success. There is a story behind every man’s success or failure. In the Indian context, and there are cinemas behind every such success or failure. The socio-cultural-political diversity along with geographical diversity is reflected in Indian cinemas. Multilingualism is reflected in the flourishing of various film industries other than Mumbai-based Hindi film industry (Bollywood) like Kollywood (Tamil movie industry), Ollywood (Oriya Film Industry), Tollywood (Telugu film industry, originally termed for West Bengal film industry based in Tollygunge), Mollywood (Malayalam film industry), Sandalwood (Kannada film industry in Karnataka, Jollywood (Assamese film industry), Pollywood (Punjabi film industry), Chhollywood (film industry in Chhattisgarh/ Chhattisgarhi film industry) etc. The growing support for such regional film industries in India is definitely a very good sign.

In 2011, Bollywood completed producing 1000 full-length cinemas and around 1500 short films which have exhibited the competitive and creative abilities of Indian talents in the creative and artistic world. The Assamese film industry (Jollywood) has been revitalised by eminent directors, producers, writers, and emerging talents are putting a lot of effort in tackling various hurdles, thereby illuminating the Jollywood industry further. Today, Assamese films and cinematic efforts are receiving national and even international acclaims which are a very encouraging factor for the upcoming new generations with artistic virtues.

In India, cinema is not a source of mere entertainment. It is a way of living life for many. There are people (including me) who relate their every day’s incidents with the films of their favorite heroes and heroines, who see their every day’s hurdles and obstacles being tackled after a lot of struggle as shown in their favorite movies. The history of the telecast of Ramayana & Mahabharata in Doordarshan (DD National) and worshipping of those characters in the real world by the common folk are well-known to all of us.

Whatever it is, we are cinema-lovers and most of the lives here revolve around the realm of cinema in India. Perhaps, it is the trait of a typical Indian (I am not generalising).

“Kya karein doston… phir bhi dil hain Hindustani…” 

“Har kisi ko muqammal jahan nahin milta yaaron…”

“Tumhare paas shayad bohot kuch hain… mere paas sirf yeh soch aur laptop hi hain… isiliye yeh likh diya”

Written by Dhiraj Medhi
A Masters student in Linguistics and Endangered Languages, Dhiraj is fond of writing, singing and playing instruments. He wishes to create a positive atmosphere in the society through this writings and music.

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