Friday, 29 July 2016

Are Feminists misleading us to become Feminazis?

Women empowerment is a subject that is not new to any of us. For decades now, there are activists, more commonly called feminists, who are working solely towards their goal of bringing equality against men and women and bring an end to all form of discrimination against women. The change is welcome.

It is important that all of us realize the altogether patriarchal nature of our society, since the very advent of civilization, which has not allowed women to develop to their fullest capabilities. Even today, despite all the attempts being made at personal and social levels, women and young girls continue to suffer from violence and exploitation. The situation is overwhelming and needs immediate addressing. This happens to be a fact that almost all of us know, and will probably agree to. But there is another part of the story that many of us do not know. And for those of us who do, they have never understood the seriousness of this issue.

What we should understand, is that feminism has kind of lost it’s purpose today. No offence to any of the people involved, but the earlier concept of feminism focused on the empowerment of women and bringing equality and justice to them. However, the present notion has changed, with most of the people involved in criticizing men in general and trying to prove them responsible for all the wrongdoings against women. This idea, that all men are bad, called Feminazism has become a common perspective and is being adopted by many women today.

Presently, there are a lot of places where even men suffer due to the undue advantages being given to women. There has been a recent case where two girls wrongly accused an innocent man of sexual harassment. The public grew outrageous and the remarks of the local feminist leaders did nothing except adding fuel to the fire. Consequently, the man was beaten to death, even without a fair trial.

Incidents like these and many others are something that we need to think about. It is about time that we consider some facts. Firstly, it is not always necessary that women are correct and the man is wrong. The other way round is also possible. Secondly, having heard a women right’s activist once saying, “All men are dogs”, we should know that is a very wrong idea. The whole world is not full of wrong men. There also are men who genuinely respect women and who are often misjudged, due to this very idea. And lastly the most important fact, women do not need to prove that they are equal to men because we know that mostly, they are even better than us. What we need are feminists who can create opportunities and provide equal representation to women, and not feminazis, who aim not to strengthen the women, but to bring down the men.

The only purpose of putting in this thought is for us to realize that it is not our objective to promote one gender over another, but to understand that both men and women are equal, in all terms.

Written by Avinash Srivastava
A Writer of Stories, Loves Novels and Movies

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