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Do IIT or IIM Degrees Guarantee You Entrepreneurial Success?

For every student, who is preparing for JEE, getting into IIT is a tough task. As per a survey, the acceptance rate of IITs is only 0.7%. Similarly, fetching a seat into IIM-A, a premier institute, is also a dream for many graduates. IIM-A has an acceptance rate of 0.25%, most of the students in IITs and IIM's have a clear vision of becoming an entrepreneur right after their graduation.

Basically, entrepreneurship is the transformation of creative and academic ideas into a commercial venture.

Does one require a prestigious degree to establish a successful venture?

It isn’t really true. A person with impressive ideas, with no IIT-IIM degree, can also be a part of elite entrepreneurs. Although institutions like the IITs and IIMs have the ecosystem to help students in establishing a venture, students also need to envisage how technology can be leveraged in a creative and imaginative manner.

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Vijay Shekhar Sharma, the founder of Paytm, graduated from Delhi College of Engineering and is a successful entrepreneur.

Here are some more examples of successful Entrepreneurs who do not hold degrees from premier institutes:

Ashish Kashyap, the Founder at, is an economics graduate from the University of Delhi.

Shashank ND, Co-Founder at Practo, is an NIT graduate. As per their claim, Practo is Asia's leading healthcare platform, which has now expanded their production to Brazil.

Shradha Sharma, the Founder of YourStory, is a MICA graduate. YourStory is a platform that tracks the entrepreneur related stories, news, and funding.

And this list can be endless...

To put in simple words, anyone can think up an idea for a business, but not everyone can implement it a profitable manner, even if the person holds a degree from IIT or IIM. Entrepreneurship is a form of art which requires passion, creative thought, visualization, intelligence and above all, perseverance.

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Written by Shweta Bazad
An introvert and a loner who loves to dwell in the world of books and  craves to seek knowledge from reading, and traveling. She believes that self-doubt in creativity is a blockage.

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