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12 proven tips for being a better Leader

Being a great leader and to possess leadership skills is not an easy task. One needs to inculcate leadership qualities in oneself since the very beginning. The leadership training must be provided at the school level itself so that the students can become better leaders in the future. The leadership training scheme must be made compulsory for all the schools so that in future the students do not lack such qualities. Nowadays every company or organization wants employees who possess leadership skills and can work in a team.

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Working in a team efficiently and successfully also requires leadership qualities. A leader of a team will always act as a model for other team members. The team leader always possesses leadership qualities that have made him reach to this point in his life. One must always learn to become a better leader. Few tips for being a better leader have been mentioned below:
  • For being a high performer and delivering excellent work a leader must not miss deadlines.
  • A leader must be compassionate enough to deal with people. If something goes wrong a leader must try and look into the matter instead of just jumping to conclusions.
  • A leader should always trust his team members so that a team can work with much better efficiency.
  • Leaders need to show themselves by examples. They should set up examples in front of other team members so that they can be motivated.
  • There is a difference between a leader and a boss. A leader must be humble enough to deal with situations.
  • Communication gap must not exist. A leader should communicate effectively in both work and life.
  • Importance of listening is also a skill that leaders must inculcate.
  • Meetings must run swiftly and should be productive.
  • A leader should be kind and caring, as well as he should know his limits. The toleration level should also be high for a leader, keeping the boundaries very clear.
  • No man is an island. The leaders must know when they need help and should not refrain from seeking help. No one can know everything. At one point of time, one needs help from others.
  • The emotions must be separated from business. Business and personal relations must hold separate places in a leader’s life.
  • The scope of improvement should always be open and a leader must always be ready to learn new things as well as learn from their past experiences. The mind should always be kept open and imbibe new thoughts and ideas.
Thus, we see that being a leader is not an easy task. If a leader is able to possess the entire above leadership skills and qualities then he can achieve huge success in his life both at the professional as well as in the personal front.

Article by Anisha Dutta
She is a content evangelist who believes that the Science of today is the Technology of tomorrow. 
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