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How to Deal with Negativity and Rejection in Daily Life?

Let’s face it, we all feel low once in a while. But what really makes the difference is a way we deal with it. A lot of people have different coping mechanisms. Some people express their angst through a creative medium like writing or playing an instrument. Some people just let it build inside till it comes out one day and things get real messy and difficult. This can be overcome by having a balanced mind and a relaxed attitude towards life.

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Most of us take life too seriously and miss out on all the little moments that could’ve made a difference to us or the people around us. What is important is you let your guard down and enjoy life as it comes and you can’t control everything. Sometimes it’s okay to take a break from work and travel or pursue your passion.

The second most depressing thing is Rejection

It can come in many forms; it can be unrequited love, a job you did for a few days and got fired without a substantial reason or an audition you did. What happens in all these cases is that these situations give rise to self-doubt, which can destroy a person’s self-esteem if left unchecked or unattended. I know I’ve had troubles dealing with rejection, be it job-related or any other kind. But what each of them has taught me is to rise up each time I fall and take stock of the situation and not let someone else’s opinion of me affect my peace of mind. During such times, friends can be the best buffers for feeling good about yourself and motivate you to keep going after your dreams.

Rejection can also be a great teacher if you allow it to do so. You can start analysing yourself and think from a third person perspective about yourself. It is a tremendous self-development tool if used wisely which helps you go deeper into yourself and introspect your strengths/weaknesses helping you to deal better with future situations in Life.

Vincent van Gogh - Self-Portrait  (1887)
A lot of great personalities in history lived their lives dealing with negativity or rejection and sometimes even both. Vincent van Gogh, for example, lived all his life creating art without the slightest recognition or praise. But today, people bet millions of dollars to get an original Van Gogh. Honestly, I believe Vincent didn’t paint for money or recognition, he did it for the love of it and yes it did affect him but not in a way to stop him from doing what he loved the most.

So don’t care about the naysayers, go and do what you believe in and carpe diem!

Article by Neel Katarnavare
Cinephile, part-time Writer and a Digital playground critic.

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