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What Habits Separate Unsuccessful People From Successful People?

Ah, I don’t have time for these things man! How do you do all of this?? Sounds like so many normal people who cannot achieve anything in life and settle for the regular life. These are the people who like to point out that they don’t have time to go to the gym or read that small book or something that they love. All they want to do is blame the time and not themselves for the things that they are not making the time for. They can sleep for hours but cannot give a little time for the good things.

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Upon that these people are much interested in the person who is giving his/her all to the thing to get succeed. They get afraid seeing their success, but they do not want to work for the same to be successful. These are the people who don’t want to work but need the results. They don’t know that there is nothing in this world that comes without working for it (except something’s).

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All the people living in the world has the same time let it be a shoemaker or the painter or the president. It all depends on how we use it and how much we are willing to sacrifice.

As Eric Thomas says,
I don’t need an alarm to wake up, my passion wakes me up. 

If you are self-aware of what you want to achieve and know how much work is needed to reach the goal, there is no need of extra time you will find and make time for those things.

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We should recognise that already we have less time to work on such things and there is no time to waste on. Finding what we love to do is not that easy for everyone, but the sooner you are able to find it, the more fun the life becomes. Day by day you will start loving it and the more you love the more you will work. The more we work the better we get at it. The point is finding what we love to do for the rest of the life and keep working on it and you will be successful.

It is never too late to work on your dreams and passion, until and unless you are willing to sacrifice what it takes to get those dreams. Find what is your passion and you are willing to do anything for that, then keep going on with the same dedication and being on the path is not as simple as it sounds. The path won’t be easy, so it is not for everyone. Look at all those who are successful they are not just finished at that point they are looking for more and more. It is the process which we should love not the final results, once you start loving the process you will be willing to put all the work that is needed with full dedication and you will be going on and on without worrying about the results and things.

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Written by Rajeev.K (austinrajiv)
I am a simple person with interest in riding bikes (with protective gears), music (rap & metal), writing (about things that i experience), photography, fitness, food (vegetarian), that's all !!  live and let live.

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