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Indian Premiere League: A new era in Indian cricket

From its very first season, Indian Premier League has been successful which is shown by the immense crowd it attracts. It would not be wrong if it is called as a new sect of a larger religion “cricket”. IPL is a revolution in the field of sports in India. Cricket seems like a religion in India. People can shut their shop for the day to watch their favourite one batting or bowling at the crease. There was a time when India was lagging behind brilliant teams like Australia which can be called as a superpower. But, with the inclusion of new innovative techniques, tactics and ideologies in the Indian team, a new era has evolved. Today, India has reached the pinnacle of world cricket.

IPL is the new era in the evolution of cricket reviewmantra
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IPL was a newly coined term in the year 2008, which did not take much time to become familiar among the cricket fans. The probable intention of this newly emerging sports-trend was to make the game (cricket) more liberal and to give a new shape to Indian cricket. IPL could justify the purpose. It was proved as a talent-hunting medium which paved the way for new, young, and robust sportspersons to get the opportunity of playing with great cricket legends and stars across the globe.

We can say it as a legacy of globalisation. From the very first season, IPL provided so many young emerging Indian sportspersons. It encouraged the youngsters to carry their sportsmanship spirit for a long journey. There are a number of IPL players who could wear the national jersey later on in various tours and even in world cup series. Few clear examples are Pragyan Ojha, Mohit Sharma, Manpreet Gony, Akshar Patel etc. In a similar way, few players, like Ashish Nehra made their comeback after showing a great game in IPL. So, IPL proved as a platform for both new and old players.

fitness of indian players improved over past decade cricket
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There are various reasons for the success of IPL. Due to its Twenty20 format, it became easy for the people to enjoy the game more. Earlier, people had to devote much time to watch a full 50 over or Test match. But, in Twenty 20 format, they can enjoy more entertainment with lesser time consumption. The tournament is also interesting as people can watch their favourite players from different countries on the same team. It brings a ‘wow’ roar in the crowd when Gayle bangs Malinga’s ball. It feels really extraordinary when Maxwell hits six against Watson, both belonging to the same national team. In this way, IPL has played a crucial role in abolishing traditional rivalries among teams and spectators. IPL has become the meeting place for cricket stars and it pleases and excites the eyes of the cricket-lovers. So, IPL has become a perfect tool for enjoyment with a lot of action, drama, and entertainment.

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However, in the meantime, it has to go through a dark period as it was permeated with scams like match-fixing, spot-fixing etc. IPL was also criticised due to its huge business and commercialisation. One of the criticism figures out a serious problem which trolls the Indian national team players. It observes that as foreign players share the same team with the Indian players, it becomes easy for the players of other national teams to figure out the weaknesses of the Indian players.

It was also noticed that many times Indian players fail to give their best in the major series and international tournaments due to lack of rest and fitness following the IPL. However, it is an undeniable fact that IPL has brought a new era in the history of Indian cricket and it is expected that new talented youngsters would extract more benefit in the future.

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Written by Dhiraj Medhi
A Masters student in Linguistics and Endangered Languages, Dhiraj is fond of writing, singing and playing instruments. He wishes to create a positive atmosphere in the society through this writings and music.

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