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4 of the Biggest Fitness Myths, Busted

Myths are present in all the fields so is the field of fitness. Myths are the ones which don’t have any specific scientific reasoning or backed up studies. That too in Indian fitness world there are a ton of them, some of them have been mentioned below. All the myths cannot be discussed in a single article, so I have covered 4 of them which are most important as per my views.

Fitness Myths Busted
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1. Supplements
2. Proper time of working out
3. Diet
4. Doing basics

1. Supplements

take supplements after consulting dietitian
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There is a reason they are called the supplements, as they are used for supplementing to the daily food routine. There are so many kinds of vitamins and minerals that our body needs for a healthy living whether you are a fitness freak, athlete, or the one living a normal life. As all the foods that we consume aren’t enough to complete the needs of our body. Some of them can be completed by taking the supplements. Hence it a good idea for everyone to take supplements after consulting your dietitian, irrespective of the ages and the work they do.

2. Proper time of working out

proper workout timing is important
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It is most common myths out there, whether you work out in the evening or the morning it all depends on the final goal of yours for which you are working towards. If you want to lose weight then it is better to work in the morning without having anything before the workout. As working in the evening may not work for you as the body will utilize energy from all the food that you consumed throughout the day. Similarly, the evening workouts may have some other results, if you control the foods you have before and after a workout.

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3. Diet

6 Meals A Day Pics
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The workout is backed up by the most of the food that we consumed throughout the day. It is most important to have a healthy and protein based diet for the good results whether you are into fat loss or building muscle mass. The diet should contain all types of fresh consumables (vegetables or meat). Also increasing the number of times that we consume the food from 3 to 5 or more has good results as it can keep us full and away from all the cravings that we can go through. To help this regime it is most important to have prepared meals so that it is easily available at the times.

4. Doing basics

squat benchpress deadlift
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All the beginners start with these basic moves like squat, bench press, dead-lift, etc. But as the time passes they stop doing them, not realizing these are the most important moves which help to reach your goal. As these moves make use of the whole body which is most important to build muscle or lose fat. Hence never miss out these important basics from which you have started the regime.

These were some of the myths and there are more of which we will discuss in some other articles. Do let us know what is missed as per your list.

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