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3 Pros and Cons of Being an Employee

We all start with the kind of jobs where we get ready and go to the office and punch the card at the gate and sit in our respective places and do the small things while waiting for the coffee or tea. By the time the coffee or tea reaches you, it will be already 10:30 am, then you have to spend time till 12:50 pm so that you can go for lunch and be back by 2 pm. Which includes the small time for lunch and most time for talking about this and that. Then we settle down on the table with some work till then another round of coffee arrives at 3:30 or 4 pm. Then comes the wait to go back home, when it's 6 pm.

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It has its pros and cons, some of them are mentioned below as per my views.


1. Monthly income

No need to worry if money is your major concern as it will be credited to your account on every set of dates depending on the company. Irrespective of all the holidays and leaves you get on that month. The icing on the cake is the bonus and appraisals.  So depending on the work you may or may not put in the amount will increase or stay the same but never decrease.

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2. Working hours  

Whether you really work all the 8 to 9 hours or as mentioned above just to pass the time you do the work is on you. All that matters is that you should come on time and leave after the time. Until unless you are in the senior positions don’t expect any kind of late coming or early goings to be allowed. On one side it is good that you don’t have to make time for work as you already have a time set for that.

3. Job safety

Until and unless you do something really bad to the image of the company or your superiors, you won’t have to worry about losing job suddenly (also depends on the company). So that part of worrying will be left alone to search for new souls. So doing the assigned work and maintaining the proper etiquettes will make sure that you have that particular job.


1. Easily bored

If you are looking forward to learning something new and giving your ideas to help the company, then it is not the place to do so. As all the senior most people will be in their retiring stages and they don’t want to take any more risks (which they never took). Hence you will be looked as only talking and not doing person. Hence you will be bored easily at these kinds of jobs, which doesn’t help your creativity to grow and flourish.

2. No respect for the hard workers

Whatever be the hard work or extra work that you did will be credited to your senior (depends on the seniors, most of them are same). Until you become senior there are fewer chances of getting that appreciation for what you have done. So don’t expect to get promotions or a raise in salary with all those extra hours and hard work (tried and tested).

3. Politics is more important than the work you do

It is common in all the places let it be the school we studied or the place that we work. It is the main job for some people to act as a broadcaster for the feelings of each other. Let it be related to work or personal life, all they have to do is keep the seniors happy and say yes to all the things they say.  Dealing with these kinds of people is not an easy task where you have to carefully put the words in their baskets. So that they will be happy with you and they should give a good view about you to your superiors for a good appraisal.

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