Thursday, 13 April 2017

Why do I write? And What Makes Writing So Important?

To scream and not let the world know, to fight with confused emotions and materialistic gestures, to indulge in morality and to raise my voice without yelling is why I write. Every write-up has a certain perspective by which one views different things and emotions and try to play with words and pen down what he/she feels is meant.

Anybody can write if you feel you are meant to tell mind blogging experiences of your life and want people to listen and learn from you. It is not restricted to learning only but it can be a range of topics that one can think and restrict his/her focus on. One of the important reasons why I write is that we tend to forget be it things, places, humans, emotions and what not. One often feels like uplifting the narrow perceptions of people around you and tends to write it all down. While writing you can suggest your own remedies and solutions catering to certain important problems that depend on various individuals as per their convenience and struggles.

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Running out of the topic and suffering from writer's block is what most of the writers face. Focusing on a select number of topics and context for this matter surely leads to specialization but also you get bestowed by a narrow perspective which is surely not helping you in the near future. Writing reduces your frustration and also makes you a happier person.

Instead of reacting at every single thought that bothers you, why not write and vent it down?

While writing it is important to take a broader point of view otherwise it will lead to complexities and also lead to problems because not thinking from all possible point of views will lead to conflict and people will revolt. It is not important to write only for yourself, as you can always draw your attention to those issues and people who matter and the fact that their point of view is not recognized and appreciated by masses.

Often it is heard that people don’t choose to voice their opinions on certain issues and then crib and curse the system. They seem to be in a situation where they don’t want to even react as their perspective is not developed and they clearly do know what are the right things and the wrong things but are unable to speak and then slowly they just turn into mute spectators. It is quite easy to deal with such a problem. All you need to do is just write down whatever you feel for anything you have read or listened to. Gradually you will be easily able to voice your opinion and initiate action and ultimately that is what you always wanted right?

Salman Rushdie has rightly quoted that;
And never forget that writing is as close as we get to keeping a hold on the thousand and one things – Childhood, Certainties, Cities, Doubts, Dreams, Instances, Phrases, Parents. Loves that go on slipping. Like sand through our fingers

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Written by Rounak Hotchandani
A media and communication aspirant, does writing and reading books as a hobby and a philanthropist.

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