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Things To Consider Before Shopping For Motorcycle Safety Gear

If you are reading this you probably are on the verge of buying proper riding gears for your own safety. Having so many brands with all different features with competitive pricing makes it more difficult to make a choice. Worry not this guide will sort out all your doubts.

Things include in a full set if you don’t want one piece racing leather suit.

1. Jacket (leather / textile / mesh)
2. Pant (leather / textile)
3. Gloves (leather / mesh)
4. Boots
5. Helmet

These are the main things that you can concentrate on for a proper set build for your style of riding.  If you don’t want to invest huge at once, then you can start with one by one like major is helmet and jacket with gloves. Then you are left with boots and pant, which most of them ignore or satisfied with sneakers and jeans/denim. Now you have made up your mind on which and how to buy then lets clear some more doubts which most of have during this situations.

Ask yourself these below questions:
  • Do you commute daily or only ride on the weekend?
  • Are you track focused?
  • All you want to do is touring?
  • How much speed are you interested in?
  • How much you value your life?
  • Which seasonal riding do you prefer?
  • How much investment are you looking for?

If you are clear with these questions then we can move ahead and sort out the things. Every single question above changes your selection for riding gears like for track and touring you need different sets and types, same goes to the seasonal riding as you cannot use the same gears for rain and summer.

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Most of the people are into daily commute and weekend rides for breakfast and meet. As there is a lack of track in every city and fewer rides in rainy seasons. So it helps to sort out more regarding the riding gears. Depending on the riding requirements you can select the maximum budget and things which you want to buy.

You can start with a good certified helmet for the first, then move on to a simple jacket (as there are so many brands available with so many price range). Best suggestion is to go and try if it is your first jacket as the sizes are different from brands to brands. Then slowly you can move to a good pair of gloves. Then comes the pant and hydration packs, there are many more things which you can add to ease the riding and increase the safety.

The purpose of riding differs from one to another, but the part of safety remains same to all. Most important aspect is knowing your limits while riding in public, as in tracks you don’t have to worry too much. Having proper knowledge of the traffic rules and things to do in bad conditions is important too. Riding safe is the main motto here as if you ride safe today you can enjoy more days of riding with your families and friends tomorrow.

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Written by Rajeev.K (austinrajiv)
I am a simple person with interest in riding bikes (with protective gears), music (rap & metal), writing (about things that i experience), photography, fitness, food (vegetarian), that's all !!  live and let live.

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