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Confessions of a 'Goldoholic' Here's Why I am Stuck on Gold

Yes, I am a ‘Goldoholic,'and I don’t need help!

Just like Rebecca Bloomwood from the famous flick “Confessions of a Shopaholic,” when I shop (for gold) the world gets better. And then, it’s not anymore, and I need to do it again.

In my growing years, unlike other kids, I loved accompanying my aunts and mom to the jewellery store. The flashy lights, bright display of necklaces all around and the glass sections for earrings and finger rings would ignite a spark in me. My wide eyes in aww had more dazzling radiance than the flashy lights of the showroom. I loved how everyone around used to be busy trying something or the other and took opinions from the fellow shoppers.

I dreamt of growing up and owning one huge jewellery store where everything on display would just be mine. That’s another case that I still have that dream in one corner of my heart. For me, gold is not just a piece of adornment but is the reason why I work hard. I appreciate every personal achievement by adding a piece of gold jewellery to my collection.

With time, many other jewellery metals ruled the world. From black metal dominating the jewellery world in the 90s to artificial stone studded jewellery pieces finding their way to glory today, people have accepted every new trend with open arms. However, I am still stuck on gold. And, I don’t see it as a problem. Here’s why I am still stuck on gold.

“The Heart Wants What It Wants”Woody Allen

The Amazing New-Age Range

From simple, understated designs to finely crafted intricate modern designs featuring a mix of metals, gold jewellery designs have indeed come a long way. I love how modern thoughts have been infused in design trends and are reflecting the persona of a contemporary woman. CaratLane has an incredible range that helps me find something for every occasion. From sleek necklaces to go with my formal attires to classic jhumkas that bring out the traditional side of me, CaratLane, India’s most trusted online jewellery store has just about everything in its kitty.

Ease of Online Shopping

Being an otherwise lazy person, I find it incredibly easy to shop online. Thanks to the online shopping portals like, that have a great collection on display and offer easy payment options, I don’t have to do much about my laziness. Also, I am highly spoilt for choice. Be it gold, diamond or solitaire, the options available are astounding.Furthermore, it’s just so relaxing to browse through the collection and make a purchase decision sitting on my comfy couch. The easy payment modes are an added advantage.

It’s an Investment

I have always looked at my gold jewellery with many emotions, but the fact that over time its value keeps increasing only strengthens my desire to own more gold. Not only does it satisfy my constant need to keep buying gold but also, I know that I am investing my money in an asset, and not a liability. Possibly all addictions are bad, however being a Goldoholic is one such addiction that brings me only benefit. The bottom line is that for me buying gold is like investing in an asset and I would continue to do so.

Sentimental Value

My love and obsession with gold has been time immemorial. Every piece of jewellery I own is a constant reminder of every major event in my life. I have marked every significant event like my first appraisal to my first promotion or be it my first award, with a gold jewellery. This collection represents my success and has tremendous emotional value for me. They symbolize my achievements in life as a strong independent woman. I am very proud of every single piece of gold jewellery I own; they are my pride and joy. My gold jewellery is a constant reminder that I have achieved what I wanted and in a way an award to myself.

My love for gold is increasing each passing day and I will continue to make it a part of my life in every new beginning. It’s good to have something that reminds you of your achievements and makes you do and accomplish more in life.  For me, it’s gold. What about you?

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