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Work Smarter, Not Harder: 8 Tips for Effective Time Management

“Managing your time is the best skill to sincerity, and sincerity leads to success”

We all know how inevitable our time is. Every day we run for saving our precious time. Your boss in the office will make you listen to his/ her didactic words (if he/ she is soft spoken), which make you realize the essence of time. Our professors always worry about the way we spend our precious time. Our parents look at us with an unsatisfactory expression when we watch our favorite shows for long. The long queue outside the ATM during a very busy schedule will make you feel the essence of time. Your call in waiting will make you count each second. In short, time is the only thing which drives everything. It is an undeniable fact. So, it is mandatory to have a good quality of managing your time according to your convenience. Even, a beggar has to think about his/ her time (in today’s world).

But, many of us seem to fail in managing our time. Here my intention is to point out few things which can help some of us in managing time well.

So, here are few ways to manage your time effectively:

1. A well-prepared time table

All we need is a properly designed routine for daily work. Every person needs a well-prepared routine to work accordingly.

2. Buy few packets of sticky notes

It is better to keep some sticky notes with you in your room. It is very useful where you can write about your next day’s plans and sticks it on the front wall where generally your eyes move.

3. Maintaining a diary

Maintaining your diary can help a person in rectifying his/ her faults, mistakes. Though it seems to be a didactic line but it has an effective role to play. Many times, we tend to repeat similar mistakes in our life which somehow affects our daily routine. So, a well- maintained diary can help in preventing you from repeating same time consuming minute mistakes.

4. Keeping an offline diary/ notepad on your cell phone

Many times, keeping a notepad or similar application in your mobiles, especially smart phones helps in keeping yourself updated with your own events and plans.

5. Voice recording

It helps in effective time management. If you are in a hurry or if you need to work many things simultaneously, and at the same, if you have to keep many things in your mind (memorize), then voice recording in your cell phone can help you better. It is more helpful as you do not need to spend extra time which your typing takes.

6. Going out with a pocket size diary

You can write few points in your pocket diary regarding your planning for the day, which will also help in reminding your prior commitments.

7. Work fast, but not rushing

Be smart and execute your work calmly whatever the situation is. Many times, rushing with many things in your mind can spoil your precious moments.

8. Take nap in between your work hours

It may not be a well-advised thing, but, taking a short nap after few hours of work can refresh your mood and thus can increase your capacity to work for long.

These are few points which I think, can be very useful. However, situations may vary according to professions. Many of us may be following every day. So, let’s enjoy our busy life and work with cheer!

Written by Dhiraj Medhi
A Masters student in Linguistics and Endangered Languages, Dhiraj is fond of writing, singing and playing instruments. He wishes to create a positive atmosphere in the society through this writings and music.

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