Thursday, 9 March 2017

Why Moving to a New City is an Experience of a Lifetime

It is amazing how we adapt to a place and find our family in that new place. One packs one’s whole life in a suitcase in search of something valuable and something life changing.

I shifted to a new city and in fact a new region altogether. This was the time when for the first time after I completed my graduation, I started staying away from my home. Being from North and shifting to South was not an easy decision I made. There were difficulties that I had to face, not to forget, cultural and the language barrier.

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People like to talk in their local language ignoring the fact that some of the people sitting on the table don’t understand the language at all. But, no one is to be blamed here. I agree to the fact that if someone from a different region came to north and sat with us on the table, we would have probably done the same thing. However, it is a vicious cycle.

I shifted to the hostel and came to the place thinking two years will pass by and everything will be almost the same ignoring the fact that change is constant. However, never thought I will make some friends-for-lifetime! Memories, memories and memories we bear with us. And after some years, we laugh at the things we did when we were young, we try to visit those memory lanes wherein, we were young and stupid.

It was an experience that I will never forget my whole life.

I grew a lot staying away from home, managing my own things, managing to survive. It was a classic situation of ‘New-girl-in-the-city’.

Then those two years passed by real quick! It felt that it was yesterday I packed my bags and came to the city to start my new life. Got use to the nuances of that place that it had now became difficult to accept the changes that stood in the future after those two years. Had to start working now, had to start earning and be independent! One milestone, completing my post-graduation, was over. It was now the time for another one.

It is so difficult to be sure about what you want to choose as your profession unlike when we were kids, some aspired to become astronauts, some to be a doctor and so on. However, when the time comes to decide what we actually want to earn from, we are confused and lost. Every step to be taken needs to be weighed and then to be acted upon.

We become practical in taking our decisions as one wrong step, might just ruin the whole life beyond us. However, nothing is definite. Once use to be back-benchers are successful in their lives and leave behind the notes-takers. However, this is my experience and might be unique to me.

Written by Ashna Garg
Ashna grew up in a jazzy town (where she felt she can never fit in), did graduation in economics (where she didn’t fit either) and she writes (where she finally started to feel like she fits in)

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