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The World's Most Beautiful And Significant Rivers

Some of the world’s most beautiful rivers provide ways to explore the beauty of nature. Whether you climb on board a boat or explore the banks by foot, these rivers are guaranteed to provide a visual feast you won’t soon forget. A river is the beauty of nature, that makes you forget every pain and gives unimaginable joy.

Kenai River, Alaska

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The Kenai river, one of the most beautiful river with the rugged landscape is a perfect destination for someone who loves sports fishing, canoeing and kayaking. If these sports sounds exciting to you then you must check that place at least once. It runs 132 km westward from the Kenai Mountains. Salmon fishing is another of the main attractions. One of the species caught here has an extraordinary weight of 44 kg. It tends to get overcrowded during the peak fishing season every year (July and August).

Irrawaddy River, Myanmar

Myanmar’s Irrawaddy River is also known as the Ayeyarwady. The Irrawaddy bisects Myanmar, rising among Himalayan glaciers and flowing freely for 2,170 km into the Indian Ocean. It is the country's largest river and most important commercial waterway and one of most beautiful river spot. Environmental organisations have raised concerns about the ecological impacts on the river's bio-diverse ecosystems. The animals that have been potentially impacted includes the Irrawaddy river shark and Irrawaddy dolphin, an endangered species.

Yangtze River, China

In China, it is also known as the Cháng Jiāng is the longest river in Asia and also the third-longest in the world (6,300 km). It plays a vital role in preserving the history, culture and economy of China. The prosperous Yangtze River Delta generates as much as 20% of the China's GDP. The literal meaning of Yangtze is "The long river". The river has been used for water, irrigation, sanitation, transportation, industry, boundary-marking and war. The Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River is the largest hydro-electric power station in the world. It is playing an increasingly crucial role in the river valley's economic growth and has become a vital link for international shipping to the inland provinces.

Rhine River, Europe

The Rhine is a European river that begins in the Swiss canton of Graubünden in the southeastern Swiss Alps, forms part of the Swiss-Austrian, Swiss-Liechtenstein, Swiss-German and then the Franco-German border and finally flowing through the Rhineland it eventually empties into the North Sea in the Netherlands. It is the second-longest river in Central and Western Europe. The Lorelei is a rock on the eastern bank of the Rhine, that is associated with several legendary tales, poems and songs. It has been a vital waterway for carrying trade and goods deep inland. The many castles and fortifications along the Rhine testify to its importance as a waterway in the Holy Roman Empire. In the modern era, it has become a symbol of German nationalism.

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