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Significance of working with an NGO and Volunteering

Working for a social cause is something very fulfilling and no money consideration can ever compensate for the amount of fun, learning and social sensitivity you tend to gather for people, associations and society at a large. Perception needs to be changed when we talk about the underprivileged and people facing with some kind of grave problem and instead of having an approach of criticising people for their own circumstances let us just gather courage, positivity and an open hand to all such people who feel oppressed.

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Let us give them all a chance to express their opinion and not follow any practice of judging them in any way or manner. It is not only about some sections of the society that we need to show sensitivity but it is to different kinds of people. We have to ensure that we some kind of value to their life, which is not always financial in nature because being a social worker the first rule is that, Money should never be a motivation but Change must be something which excites you and satisfies you deep down.

According to Farley and Smith (2006:7);
Social work is an art, a science, a profession that helps people to solve personal, group (especially family), and community problems and to attain satisfying personal, group, and community relationships through social work practice.

It is about trying to help everyone in need and achieve no sought of compensation from them. And trying to work in a manner which is more solution oriented and realistic approach and is something which can be practised by those kinds of people in a feasible manner because we know about the extent of the scarcity of resources they deal with.

We got to appreciate and cherish humanity as a whole irrespective of any monetary background.

Being a human being is the most beautiful feeling in the world if you are able to justify your existence and your moral virtues, ethics and values. Working with an NGO, you start to cherish your life as you see so many happy faces and that too for no reasons. The more resources we have, the more problems we create and are always gloomy and dull about things we don’t receive instead of celebrating what life gifts to us. In a recent visit to an NGO, I gave her a pencil and a stationary box and she started to cry. On asking her the reason, in the most beautiful voice that small girl asked me, "if now with the pencil in her hand, can she become a doctor?"

This was really emotional on our behalf but we should also realise how much role does quality education play in their life. It is a beautiful feeling to work with NGOs and life becomes meaningful when you work for a cause and ensure you are a value addition in this society. But don't take my word for it, do visit an NGO and feel the difference in you.

Written by Rounak Hotchandani
A media and communication aspirant, does writing and reading books as a hobby and a philanthropist.

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