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How to overcome the Fear of Failure?

Failure, a term which instills fear in most of us, is not a very uncommon phenomenon. While we usually aim to be successful in our own ways or try to be like someone who is successful, we often forget the fact that the road to success goes through failures. Yes, I am not saying a failure but many failures. As long as you are willing to learn from your mistakes, it would be unfair to term that trial as a failed attempt, but it should be seen as an unsuccessful attempt.

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All of us are on our respective journeys and have different goals in our lives, so the definition of success or failure may differ from person to person. But, the attitude which is required to achieve success is mostly the same, and the first step towards your goal is 'Eliminating the fear of failure'. Most people do not even try because they overthink about the consequences of failure and what all things can go wrong. While it is perfectly justified to procrastinate the pros and cons of your courageous decisions, the fact is that majority of things would be really different if not completely different, from what you had initially perceived.

You might have heard from innumerable successful people about how they took failures as their learning lessons, failures are nothing but finding out the ways which do not work. Let me ask you with the context of some really basic things, were you successful to ride a bicycle in the first attempt or were you able to flatter your crush on your first date in your teens? The answer would be surely a NO.  But did you give up? Certainly NOT. So, you can never achieve anything in life perfectly in your first try. It is the process of trying continuously after having learned your lessons from the previous attempts. What people usually see or count as their failures, are actually the experiences which push you one step closer towards your goals.

Another major hurdle which stops us from trying something that we want and knowing that is it is risky and might fail, is the thought of  'What would people think of me'? Well, let me assure you, from my personal experience, people who are in the same league as yours will actually applaud you for your risk taking capability and not on the setbacks. The only people who would criticize you are the ones who never had the courage to follow their hearts and anyways, trying and failing is anytime better than not trying at all. So there is no point in thinking about the people who anyways wish to see you fail. Even if you fail, you are one-step ahead of them as you would know what does not work, for your next try.

Although most of the things I have mentioned above are from my personal learnings during the past two years of Entrepreneurship and some guidance from the mentors, I am sure that these things are applicable to almost all the aspects of life. No great thing that we see around us was built in the first attempt. It took years of hard work, undying passion, perseverance, and most importantly countless failures, which actually were the building blocks for their ultimate success.

I welcome you all to share your personal experiences and enlighten how you overcame your fear of failure and ultimately converted it to success.

Written by Rohit Jha

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