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Friendship Bond or Religion Beliefs: What Matters More?

Today I am here to talk about something which is considered a very sensitive topic. Not just the mainstream discussion, also the small aspects of are deliberately ignored. The topic is such that everytime a discussion is initiated, it turns into a heating argument​. But, today I will request the readers to treat this as any general topic and avoid mocking me for raising this subject.

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Okay, so I am going to talk about a friend and an event that occurred with him which somehow related him with religion. I know he'll feel bad knowing that I am taking his example but believe me, I am putting this across in a general way.

Let me first share the incident with you. So, he (the guy, my friend) was a follower of one of the major religions in India (I won't share the name of the religion to avoid any chances of conflict) and later converted into another major religion followed in India due to his personal reasons which he didn't share. I am sure they were strong enough that made him take this big decision, be it right or wrong. One more thing, he is a 20-year-old guy completing his undergraduate. Now, while conversing with him, I enquired the reason for such a major decision and he said: "he was looking for God".

(Readers please forgive me if my words hurts anyone's sentiments)

Continuing further, with his reasoning and further chats regarding the major changes that occurred in his life due to this decision, two major but inevitable questions arisen in my mind. Days kept passing and I still didn't get any answer because I couldn't muster the adequate courage to further question my friend. It would have been like risking my friendship for the sake of two questions which weren't even worth it. However, I couldn't stop thinking about the question and kept pondering on thoughts of it.

Through the use of this platform, I would like the readers to answer this question to help my wandering mind attain peace.

Question 1

At an age when getting a good career, future, and life matters the most, was my friend's quest for God was legitimate? Does he even need to find God at such an age when life has just begun to blossom? Keeping faith in religious beliefs in necessary but at this age, was it really that important to change the religion for this quest?

Question 2

This question, however, puts me into a dilemma and hits me hard. Are the religious sentiments more important for people than the nature, character, and the overall bonding among friends​?

This question is because he (my friend) said, "I don't know what happened but the perception, the behavior, and the attitude of the entire company of friends and other associated members changed towards me. I don't know what's wrong but I really feel sad. I might have converted into a different religion, and yes! My name is not same anymore​ but my conversion hasn't changed me. I am still the same".

Is it really important for your friends to be of the same religion?

I hope readers won't mind my language and my decision to come up with such topic for discussion. But believe me, it hurts me equally as it hurts you when religious beliefs become a barrier for any person. And I hope people will like to answer.

Written by Vatsa

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