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5 Simple Modifications to Make Long Rides on Your Motorcycle Comfortable

Who doesn’t love new bells and whistles for their bike, but they should have aesthetic and functional purposes too. There are tons of modifications you can do in order to increase performance or appearance of the motorcycle. Here are the few worthy upgrades which you can do in a functional way. For daily use, these can be used as well as for touring purposes, which is our main intention.

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Touring is much fun when all the plan comes together (if planned <wink>). During these tours every single thing matters at the time of need let it be the spare parts, availability of rooms for stay, or the place to have food. Hence it is in our best concern to be prepared and face the challenge with ease instead of being panicked and creating more problem.

Let’s come to the simple things
  1. Lights
  2. Charging ports
  3. Wind protection
  4. Luggage system
  5. Toolkit

1. Lights

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The stock lights are ok for daily usage but they don’t stand a chance in the touring. You can change the stock bulbs to higher and brighter ones. Also, you can add extra lights with the existing one as it will help with more spread and brightness. They can be any kind of lights but keep in mind that they are going to run through existing battery so it is good to balance the power.

2. Charging ports

pic courtesy: kiwavmotors
In this age of smartphone with less battery capacity, which needs constant charging with the usage of maps, calls, music etc. You cannot stop every now and then for a charging and it takes huge time to get charged! Unless you are graced by fast charging. It is very easy to use the power from the bike battery on the go as it will be replenished. The same goes for you action cameras which won’t last much longer if you are taking videos. Hence it is better to have a USB charging connected to your battery.

3. Wind protection

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This can be commonly seen in the touring motorcycles as they help to deflect the wind from the rider during the highway cruising. If your motorcycle doesn’t have it you can try aftermarket upgrades as it helps a lot in reducing the wind blast and making the journey more comfortable.

4. Luggage systems

pic courtesy: childrenscornerbk
It is not advisable to carry luggage on your back for long rides, hence there are different places you can mount the luggage to reduce the strain on yourself. You can use the tank bags for important things like goggles, chargers, wallets, etc. For more things like clothes and other spare parts, you can use saddle bag or hard panniers for more safety in all weather conditions.

5. Toolkit

pic courtesy: altrider
These are the most important of all the above as the factory provided tools are the piece of useless thing. The first thing to do is upgrade the tools with a good carrying pouch which has a proper organiser. Know the tools you may need for the bike in the worst conditions to work. Get the tools having a good grip so that they can be used with ease and makes your work easy.

One more thing you can add is quality first aid kit and the main thing is to know the things present in them. As the troubled situation is not the place to learn about them. If necessary take first aid lessons so that you can be ready for those situations.

Written by Rajeev.K (austinrajiv)
I am a simple person with interest in riding bikes (with protective gears), music (rap & metal), writing (about things that i experience), photography, fitness, food (vegetarian), that's all !!  live and let live.

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