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Understanding Depression: How to Deal with and Overcome This Silent Killer

“Understanding your mind is unlocking a path to relief”

We are living in a technologically driven world. Living a happy and stress-free life in today’s world is one of the most challenging things. Every day we prepare ourselves to tackle upcoming obstacles in the best possible way and once we sort out one problem, another challenge comes on our way. This is why our forefathers used to say that life is full of challenges, and life is a series of success from beginning till the end.

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Whatever the result is, once we start our life, our minds accept the forthcoming new challenges. But, life without challenges will be a boring one and one cannot be satisfied without facing challenges. In this way, life is very interesting.

But, with the changes of time, types of challenges have also changed. One of the crucial phenomena which today’s time has brought to us is depression. Depression, frustration, stress have become regular terms today. Depression is omnipresent across geographical boundaries. The recent report of World Health Organization (WHO) says that there are more than 350 million people suffering from depression worldwide and the rate is rising globally. Depression is evident in people from all the age groups. But, perhaps the worst affected are our today’s young generation.

There are various diseases which result from depression. Depression in its severe state can lead to suicide. Around 8,00,000 people die due to suicide worldwide every year which is a shocking fact. On the basis of intensity, depression is categorized into major types like severe, mild, and moderate. Depression is caused due to various factors like unemployment, dissatisfaction, complex social, economic and biological interactions etc. Today’s technical lifestyle has isolated us from our own society (mostly). Many times, this leads to an imbalance in the mental and emotional state.

Many of us suffer from identity crisis.

We leave our own identity for the sake of wealth. These things may see, to be trivial but such things fuel to increase the level of stress, tension and finally lead to depression. In recent time, in urban areas, the trend of living in a nuclear family has become a vital issue to create a monotonous and depressing life. Earlier, people lived in joint families. It has many benefits. Parents of children are free of worries as other family members, like grandparents, are always ready to take care of them. But, today it rarely exists in urban areas. This is one of the instances. There are many issues related to nuclear and joint family and many a time, people engage in serious debate regarding the seriousness of the issue. Whatever the conclusion is, we have to accept the fact.

Though depression is a serious issue, yet it has remedies and proper treatment can recover persons from depression effectively. But, unfortunately, most of the times, it becomes more intense due to lack of proper concern and treatment. Around 10% of patients recover effectively (facts from secondary sources).

Various measures to tackle depression in today’s mechanical world are mentioned here:

Proper counseling

With the help of psychiatrists, one can go through proper counseling.


People with introvert nature tend to suffer more from depression. So, one should try to make herself/ himself sociable.


Having a good friend circle can reduce depression as good friends always help us to lighten our mood.


Yes, it is true. Penning down your thoughts can reduce the level of depression. I am telling this from my own experience.

Keep yourself busy

Keeping yourself busy in healthy things prevents us from going into a depression. However, the excessive workload may inverse the situation. So, one should be careful in grabbing a lot of jobs at one time.

Listening music

Music plays a vital role in lightens your mood and listening relaxing, soft music soothes our minds in intense moments.


Travelling and visiting various places provide amusement and reduce stresses.

Motivational speech

Listening motivational and optimistic speech helps in reducing the level of depression.

Healthy diet

Avoiding junk foods and grabbing healthy food habits can heal depressed minds.


Proper workout and engaging your body in sports activities makes us fit physically which helps in reducing depression.


Meditation makes us calm and helps in reducing anger, anxiety.

Take a break

Engaging in one job consistently day and night can make our life monotonous. So, one must take a break from her/ his regular works.

Written by Dhiraj Medhi
A Masters student in Linguistics and Endangered Languages, Dhiraj is fond of writing, singing and playing instruments. He wishes to create a positive atmosphere in the society through this writings and music.

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