Thursday, 2 February 2017

Stop Discrimination: Taking Transgender Rights Seriously!!

Our society allows the existence of various kinds of species. But it is also quite torturous for few of them. Transgenders fall into the same category. Transgender is a community of people who are uniquely blessed by the Almighty. Transgenders have their own identity and are an important part of the society. They don’t lead such a life out of their own comfort, but they are forced to do so and not only lead such a life but also face a lot of difficulties.

But they faced respite a few years back when the Supreme Court declared a new law under which transgender has been declared as a new gender and also gave them their due rights. This law was very necessary to be created because they are also humans like us. So what if they are a bit different from us, they are humans too! They, too, have emotions and feelings just like us. There are many rules made under this law that would give them their due rights which they can use to improve their life.

But, there are quite a few things that haven’t been included in this law.

The most important among them being, equal rights in the society and such rights which allow them to get housing, education, health and other societal necessities for themselves. Although, Supreme Court has done a commendable job by getting this law passed, but still, there are some fundamental things for which the transgender community has to face persecutions like before in order to get those things. They still have to undergo maltreatment as well as have to hear many taunts by the society.

People only remember them during the time of birth of a baby because everybody knows the strength of their blessings and they want their child to be blessed positively. So, when we look outside, we will get to know that the transgenders haven’t still got their due respect and position in the society. Passing a law in their favor and declaring a new gender for them won’t do any good unless and until we start giving them their due respect and position in the society what we give to others.

The time has come for us to start contributing towards the upliftment of transgenders and not force them away from their rights. We should allow the transgenders to feel at home by accepting them; stop maltreating them; stop taunting them; give them respect and create a better society for them; and, prevent them from going through any kind of discrimination. God has sent everyone with a different shape, size, and strength and it is our duty to give respect to each and every God-made thing.

Written by Anubhav Srivastava
A big sports enthusiast, avid reader and also love playing badminton. Writing makes me happy and satisfied.

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