Thursday, 23 February 2017

Dilemma: Choosing Between Career And Family

There is always an emotional attachment with your family and yes they define you and ensure that you receive the best of the resources to lead a fulfilling life. Then during the process of growing up you realize that there are certain things that you don’t want to study as a student and then there are certain subjects or seminars or workshop for an instance which all of a sudden change your perception towards life and make you realize that, Yes, this is the thing I am inspired of and this is what I can do the rest of my life enjoying and living a life of contempt.

Trust me on that point of your life you will realize that money is never something which will deep down motivate your creative soul but the work that you do becomes so interesting that you can do that whenever it requires and it is no longer an obligation but a fun activity which satisfies you.

What happens now are 2 things and they are here as follows:

1. Your family supports you and you do what you are made for or rather you develop yourself that way

This is, in fact, rare in our country but it is a blessing when your family supports you and I must say that at a certain point of time eventually, they do. Now the process is very fluctuating. They can agree in a flick of a second or take years to understand until you prove them your capabilities. It takes guts to change your career and follow your heart and a huge shout out to all those wonderful people who are going on their own paths.

What makes their family agree is generally the fact that they have already proved themselves in all the previous existing fields they were indulged in. Just think if a person can perform good enough doing things that he/she is not interested in one must imagine the amount of dedication and perseverance he/she will put in what he loves.

2. Your family does not support you and you don’t even try to bring change

One must understand that today in a world where everyone wants their decisions and judgement to take priority, they take an equal amount of effort to do what they want to. So you need to be extremely disruptive in your approach and ensure that you do what you are destined to and not let the society make you function on their own terms and conditions.

If they still don’t agree with your decision then you do what they tell you to, earn money and give them a security and do what you want to do and trust me no one will stop you then. Many legendary artists and creative people after earning reputation in their own fields, quit it and initiate what they want to do so ultimately it’s all your call and as it is said that you are the master of your own destiny.

Building a career can be extremely fulfilling. You will discover strengths and resolve weaknesses you never knew existed within yourself. But if you lose your family in the process, then I believe you will have failed. It's no fun to come home and count your money by yourself.

- Mary Kay Ash

Written by Rounak Hotchandani
A media and communication aspirant, does writing and reading books as a hobby and a philanthropist.

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