Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Atika by Origin: An Address for Independent Women

A lot has changed in the past few decades when it comes to the roles being played by women. While there is no denial that women have been the bosses of every home since the time immemorial, now they have taken up the roles of bread-winners for the family too. The new-age women that we see around us are smart, intelligent, and responsible and are bagging up the highest professional designations in any MNC or a corporate house. Atika, as the same suggests, is a unique real estate initiative by Origin Realtors LLP, designed to celebrate the same spirit of independence in women.

Now, what makes this project one of its kind is that it is built especially considering the specific needs of a woman. It may range from female security staff and allied services that one may need. These things can give a feeling of security to the women who return to the home late from their offices. Also, getting regular help like housekeeping or other services from women staff would be an added advantage of comfort. This is one of the biggest differentiating factors of Atika, which has never been heard elsewhere.

Today, women are juggling between the roles of a boss in office as well the person who can shoulder the responsibilities of a home. With rising income levels, they are now capable of buying a house on their own, irrespective of whether they are married or have just started working. Atika aims to give women the much-deserved recognition by motivating them to have their names on the nameplates outside their homes. Well, men have the privilege of having their names outside their cabins in their work-spaces, so why not women who are the true boss of a house. For men, it can be a small way of appreciating the efforts of your better-half. Watch this video, and you will definitely agree with the thought - #MyHomeMyName

All the independent women out there who have been working day and night to buy a place you can call home can now have the pride of having your name on your house. Another great aspect is that you would be surrounded by like-minded women who share common personality traits and interests like you. One of the major motivation behind Atika is to create a community of people who understand each other and grow mutually in all the aspects of life.

Well, the above points are certainly bound to make you curious about this project. Atika is an upcoming residential project by the reputed Origin Corp in Mira Road. Our homes are a reflection our personalities and the kind of our surroundings impacts our level of thinking to a great extent. Designed with the planning of housing for women, Atika is going to be a new address of pride for the Independent Women.

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