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9 Tips & Strategies for CBSE/ICSE Board Exams

CBSE/ICSE board exam has knocked the door of class 10 students. With the inclusion of grading system for class 10th students in India, this examination is not considered under the category of “board examination” anymore. But the importance of scoring well in this examination is still unaltered. With about a month to go, it is important to make a quick or a short plan to crack this exam. This blog of mine will guide you all through regarding the preparation strategy required for this exam.

Following are the mantra’s that will help you to achieve your target in this exam:


One of the essential parts of the preparation for any exam (not only 10th) is to get aware about the syllabus. Make a rundown of all the distinctive subjects that you have and waitlist your subjects with their diverse sections.


Understanding the concepts is one of the areas where many students lack. Ideas assume a noteworthy part in building your certainty also. Board exam focuses mainly on simple conceptual questions.


Making a list of all those subjects where you feel you need to put on more efforts and start working on them as early as possible is the best way to improve your weak areas.


Ensure that the subject you are missing behind should be considered important and guarantee that you give more hours to that subject. While then again the subjects where you are great at are should be reinforced.


Eating healthy food like solid vegetables and organic products will keep your body and in addition, mind working legitimately. Taking a sound rest before the exam is a must.


Write down all those topics where you face problems on a piece of paper (call these notes as your “QUICK NOTES”). Go through all these formula’s and areas again a day before the examination.


Completing all your syllabus around a week before will help you not only in exams but also in keeping you motivated.


Strengthening your weak points by revising it, again and again, should be your mantra for the LAST WEEK.


In the view of practicing sample papers of class 10th, students can go through this link in order to download previous year sample papers, CBSE Class 10 syllabus, CBSE solved Test Papers, chapter-wise important questions, notes, and assignments. Download CBSE sample papers and CBSE syllabus for class 10 issued by CBSE official website, and prepared by the faculty members and users of

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