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4 Underrated Love songs to Add to Your List This Valentine’s Day

Every one of us has a plethora of Romantic songs that tug on our heartstrings and makes us feel loved like no other. But have you ever heard the music that remains undiscovered by the majority of people, the songs that go unnoticed? The ones nobody really talks about but deserves a whole lot of attention among the great love songs.

Obviously, personal taste comes into play for any other list like this, but from my point of view, these 4 love songs are simply among the best.

1. It Girl – Jason Derulo

Simply stated and melodiously sung- No one can accuse Jason Derulo of overdoing the intense feeling of love that he associated with this song.

This song beautifully captures the emotions of a boy eulogizing a young woman who possesses the It Quality- the quality of drawing men with a magnetic attraction, the quality of loving a man immensely and the quality of sticking with one man through thick and thins. The lyrics Tell Them Other Girls, They Can Hit The Exit Check Please, Cause I Finally Found The Girl Of My Dreams" shows a subtle bit of possessiveness that the boy undergoes after he found his perfect girl after searching all over.

2. Cop Car - Keith Urban

A song that tells us an entire story- yes this song does it all to make someone fall in love with its innocence and pleasant sound. The story is about two teenagers, roaming around and unintentionally trespassing a law, one romantic night and ended up getting caught by cops. The girl gets rebellious and argues with the cops when they tried to put them in prison. The girl’s way of making stories in order to escape captured the boys heart.

For me, personally, it appealed a little bit on the emotional aspect. It is a sentimental song that is supposed to relate to every man as he finds out the commitment of a girl who is ready to fight for him, in every situation and at any cost.

3. Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word - Elton John

Backed by a melancholy string of lyrics, I think most people can relate to this song at some point in their lives. This ballad painfully describes the aftermath of a Romantic Relationship that is falling apart.

This song covers the feeling of Helplessness that you experience when you want to save a dying relationship but you know deep inside your heart that it's already dead. At this point of time, The Word Sorry can never alleviate the pain and agony of a torn heart. This song makes you aware of the inevitable part of love - the BREAK UP.

4. Night Changes - One Direction

This song from the Album four of one direction covers the Ecstasy of falling in love. This song states the joy of stealing the time in life while gaining love along the way.

The lyrics – Everything that you ever dream of, disappearing when you wake up, but there’s nothing to be afraid of, even when the night changes shows the struggle of maintaining consistency and stability in a relationship when the world is caught in a web of emotions, that are frequently changing with time. This song also talks about the inevitability of losing someone that you could’ve hold. If you have strong emotions about something, there’s a natural fear that comes along- the fear of losing it. The song beautifully captures that this fear exists in the heart of every person and that it only grows stronger with age.

Written by Anmol Jain
I love to write unapologetically out of passion. I am a dreamer, animal lover and known for my lashing criticism.

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