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Why You Should Attend A Literature Fest Right Now

So, I recently attended a literature festival and right to the moment I set foot inside the venue, I was contemplating just dropping this whole idea. Why? Because I considered something not labelled under “workshops” would not actually be an enriching experience. Because I need a certificate to show my college and they didn’t give me one. So, I almost decided it was not worth losing attendance on (yes, I take my attendance very seriously). But suddenly, in a moment of indecision, I just took the next bus to the venue. And it turned out to be a wonderful idea.

So, this process made me think that a lot of people might be going through the same process. And a lot of people must not be making the choice I made. Which is where this blog post comes. Read on to find out why you should attend a literature fest right now. (Okay, maybe not literally right now, but the next time you get a chance to do so).

Well, first and the most important thing is, you get to see a lot of celebrities. Writers, poets, publishers, philosophers, bloggers, PR agents and just about anyone in the literary field can be seen at Literature fests. These are usually a melting pot of people, cultures, regions, languages, ideas and genres. And no matter who your literary God is, chances are that you would be able to meet him/her at the fest. Ted by them. And if your friends are even the tiniest bit like mine, it would be great to be the only one to have a book signed by Sudha Murthy.

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A literature fest usually involves a lot of panel discussions, talks, debates and book readings. And believe me, each minute spent here will broaden your horizons of thinking and knowledge like never before. I, for example, never actually thought about how a lot of Indian writers (in English) have to work in order to capture the essence of a regional language (and the culture that comes along with it) in English till I attended the Bangalore Literature Fest.

But a literature fest isn’t a place for just famous people. There are a lot of not-famous people, some who are just venturing out with their careers in the field and some whose mere admiration for literature brings them to these fests. So, if you attend a fest, you will be sure to find people with tastes similar to yours. And by similar tastes, I am not talking about a just we-both-love-novels sort of similar, I’m talking about we-both-love-Shakespeare-and-agree-that-Antony and Cleopatra- should- be- proclaimed- the- best- play- in- the- world kind of similar. My love, for instance, for Nora Roberts book is not unknown, but I’ve never actually come across someone who had read her books before I forced them to do so (I don’t know why though because she is simply awesome!). But I was just sitting at a Literature fest when I found out that the girl next to me was also a Nora Roberts fan. (Needless to say, we talked for hours.)

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And what’s more, you might even get inspiration for your next artistic venture, be it creating your own or appreciating others’ creations. Moral of the story, next time you get a chance to attend a Literature Fest, tell your boss you’re sick (or tell your teacher you’ve got fever), take a holiday and board the next bus to the venue.

Written by Aneri Doshi
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