Monday, 9 January 2017

Why is Delhi the most polluted city on Earth right now?

Pollution is one of the most pressing issues, that is running rampant in Delhi. The huge population further fuels this raging phenomenon, to a greater and unimaginable degree. Delhi has been ranked first in the most polluted cities around the world, overtaking Beijing of China. And this is not something one thrives to achieve!

The morning after Diwali was the most detrimental day for Delhi people all covered with smog. It left no option for them but to breathe and live in the poisonous air. It has been stated a large population of Delhi is suffering from respiratory problems, which is the fifth largest killer in India.

The ever-increasing number of cars on the Delhi’s road adds fuel to this already fuming pollution. And not only air pollution but also noise pollution. The car making industry emits smoke and pollutants which are harmful to one’s health.

As Delhi is now stepped into the winter season, the situation has worsened. Colder months makes it worse, as the layer of cold air which is above the warm layer keeps all the pollution bottled in. The weather further adds to the vulnerability of Delhi, which is pollution.

Delhi is not only ridden hard with the air pollution, rather it is the big heap of air, noise, vehicular and water pollution along with industrial, domestic, solid waste and so much more.

The government has put steps forward in this direction to control it through various measures. Bans have been imposed on 15 years old vehicles to be on the road along with regular sweeping and maintenance has been provided Mobile enforcement teams has also been brought under the cover to keep the pollution in check among other methods to control the pollution, if not to reduce it.

But it is high time that we as the residents of Delhi take it upon ourselves to keep our city pollution free. It is we, who are suffering from the consequences of our very own mistakes. We can do this simply by planting trees into our localities, keeping a proper check on our vehicles, appropriate garbage distribution and throwing area. Everyone can start making more use of CNG, managing different wastes and recycling products and by not polluting the road with unnecessary vehicles instead, taking public transport.

It is our responsibility as a citizen of not only Delhi and thus India but as the residents of Earth to best serve our environment and make the world a safer and healthier place to live for us and our future generations.

Written by Anjali Tyagi
I am a hardcore reader and a story weaver with an affinity for words and to rhyme.

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