Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Unemployment in India and The Road Ahead

It is a well-known fact that India is a highly populated country with a lot of diversity which is very significant to the economy as a whole. The population and its explosion is a major hindrance to the development of our nation, though this population if employed or provided with work can become the major reason for tremendous growth and development of our country.

Jobs cannot be created in the same proportion with rising population, so naturally, a large section of the population remains unemployed. Our country cannot advance economically, politically or socially unless this problem is solved. Many social evils are related directly or indirectly to this explosion of population. Somewhere the mentality of the rural people is also primarily to be blamed. The more number of children are often treated as more working hands and thus more income will be generated to run the household, but this is a faulty assumption by them as more number of children comes with more empty stomach and brains that are to be fed.

There is a large number of population which is either partly employed or fully unemployed.

The lives of such people along with their families are in a very miserable and poor state. India cannot claim to be in a welfare state unless this matter is given due respect and solutions are also provided alongside to cater with such a vicious circle of unemployment leading to poverty and all negative aspects that are meant to reduce the quality of a human life.

More stress should be laid on technical and vocational education.

The present bookish education which produces clerk alone should be restricted. When people get the technical and vocational education they will not hanker after services on completing their education. They will come out well prepared to stand on their own legs. The problem will be half solved if this suggestion is implemented.

Our joint family system is gradually breaking down which may be a good social change from the certain point of view but from the viewpoint of the unemployment, it is harmful. When we live jointly some family members get employed in family professions and one who gets a job supports others who may not be equally fortunate. We should not be hasty in breaking down this system because its foundation has been laid by all sections of a society.

Every year thousands of graduates go to seek jobs but what they learn and what is expected from them in the industry are 2 different things which also leads to unemployment and frustration in the youth. Efforts should also be made towards reducing population and engaging all our human resources effectively and efficiently. We must also appreciate the efforts of the government in promoting the startup culture where we are targeting on creating more job makers and thus absorb every kind of human resource and we should also note that government has its own various social and economic platforms which ensure employment to workers of all kind.

The roadmap is challenging and a tedious target to achieve but if we as citizens of this country do our little efforts and work and make work available, then there are no residual doubts that this nation is meant to achieve something greater than the developed nations have already achieved. It’s the right time for this nation to demonstrate its human resources to the world and become a global leader.

Certainly, the poverty, the discrimination, the episodic unemployment could not but strike an inquiring youngster: Why did these exist and what could we do about them

– Joseph E. Stiglitz

Written by Rounak Hotchandani
A media and communication aspirant, does writing and reading books as a hobby and a philanthropist.

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