Saturday, 21 January 2017

Concerns of ‘The Hardcore Reading Addicts’

Oh! The joys of reading. People who are very much into reading or are close to becoming reading addicts can understand the concerns we readers have. My fellow hardcore reading addicts, yes, you people, we are- who can’t help themselves when they see a book, it’s like a magnetic effect they have on us.

We can’t help but look out what book other is reading, even in a hell packed metro. We have read tons of books; tons are in the TBR pile and still looking for tons to add to this ever growing list. We are those who even give advice to people in terms of what book they should read or what a character did in the similar situation.

Yes, we are the hardcore readers.

Well, having mountains of knowledge in us isn’t a bad thing but we do have our concerns that are not just that great!

  • Real life is no more fascinating enough. After reading hundreds of books, with every possible scenario and events from extreme low to extreme high, there isn’t much in life that could present us with something unique. So, we are just not satisfied with the slow paced, all the same life going around us, when we have ‘metamorphically’ seen it all.

  • People just don’t match up to us. We have read everything, the evilest character, the positive portrayal or the vilest betrayal or the amazing love. Read it and read some more! People have a different mindset from us, where they are living in a real world in their age, we have gone through lots of emotions and scenarios way over our age.

  • Although we like to try out all the different things as others but given a free time we would rather read and get lost in an another world. It leaves the interests of ours with others totally in contrast with, with a ‘geek’ name tag, when we are anything but. So, let’s indulge in some ‘fun’ activities too than the boring ‘mystic land of another reality’.

  • We ‘sort of’ know it all or more correctly a lot, well, it is a good thing but when you get tagged as a Wikipedia or ribbed for ‘you have read it somewhere’, it gets a LITTLE overwhelming to have conversations. We have to stop ourselves from blurting the sea of information we have in our head.

But we freaking readers brave through it all. Reading is not only something makes us knowledgeable but also liberal, more understanding and an insightful one at that.

So, let’s read some more!

Written by Anjali Tyagi
I am a hardcore reader and a story weaver with an affinity for words and to rhyme.

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