Monday, 23 January 2017

Humaara Dino: Living With A Dog Completely Changes Your Life

Dinoooo…., come here Dinooo…
No Dino! Don’t eat that!!

I’ve heard people saying, Dogs change lives (sigh) and I use to think how somebody can get so attached to an animal. I am not a dog enthusiast; in fact, I am uncomfortable when they are around as I have had not a very good experience with them in the past.

A few days back we got a puppy at home. It was the feeling one gets when a new born baby comes home. Sleeping in the lap with content, finally, I am home…

Everybody’s lives start revolving around him

Everybody has forgotten to eat, sleep and drink, but are only concerned about his health and his lifestyle. The whole day flies away taking care of him, loving him and playing with him. Suddenly, all the pictures in the phone are ruled by him.

The day comes to an end; he slowly walks and sits in the lap for warmth, sleeps with the sense of security and love. He is not afraid of anyone because he knows his family is around. He doesn’t have to fight anymore with others for food and love. He is the sole owner of our attention.

He makes us forget all our worries and all the tiredness we have after we come home. He makes us realize that unconditional love still exists in this world. We judge others day in day out. But, he doesn’t. He only differentiates people on the basis of their intentions and no material gains.

I was sitting on the floor, looking at him walking all around the hall. Slowly he walked towards me and tried climbing to sit on my lap. He rolled himself up and sat on my lap. That was the best feeling I’ve ever had. I finally understood the reason behind people saying, ‘Dogs change lives (sigh)’. One can feel that he is getting warm slowly in the lap.

We have forgotten about our individual lives. Right now, our only concern is if we are feeding him sufficiently, if he is pooping well, if he is sleeping enough. Our browser history is full of dog related search topics, ‘What does it mean if his tail is pointing down? What to do if he scratching himself a lot? What does it mean if his nose is too wet?’ have become common search topics in our browsing history.

The most difficult part comes when we all have to leave him alone and go to our business. It breaks my heart to see him alone. We all keep on thinking about him, what will he be doing alone at home? If he is fine, if he is eating enough and drinking enough water and if he is not eating dirt.

The money we paid to buy him is much lesser than what he does for us, the love he gives us and the sense of responsibility he taught us. It cannot be compared to any happiness felt as when he came home. Humaara Dino.

Written by Ashna Garg
Ashna grew up in a jazzy town (where she felt she can never fit in), did graduation in economics (where she didn’t fit either) and she writes (where she finally started to feel like she fits in)

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