Friday, 27 January 2017

Goals and Target of University Education

The world has shrunk due to technology and innovation, today learning as an art is not something so important to be recognised or facilitated by a university or a college for an instance. One must realise that today education is a wide concept and there is no limitation or any particular centre where you can learn.

A huge shout out to online learning platforms where lately everything is accessible in a second. There are no residual doubts on the fact that now the education standards are so international in its approach that through the medium of internet you can learn what is being taught in, for example, a prestigious institution like Stanford University. Such growth in the educational sector is promising for the present generation and also the future ones. Students must learn and inculcate that without peace in the society there will be no learning be it online or offline. It is important that our human resource is broad minded and also has the capability to absorb as many ideas and concepts from the prestigious modes of learning that they receive be it in a form of University Education as well.

A University is not only about learning your course content but there is always a lot of room for improvement in your overall personality and conduct. You meet new people, your communication enhances. You develop interest on certain topics in which you eventually end up making a career. There is a strong influence of your surrounding and it is the same college life where you end up realising what you actually love and it is not important that it is a core subject only.

There are so many legends in filmmaking, photography and in fact in every other creative field that tells you that they realised a particular thing as their own thing i.e. which they love doing and it is their college life where they get such thoughts and influences. It is a matter of common experience that our workers waste their time while they are in college and end up realising it when it is too late. Also the misconception that university education is a futile excuse by those people having no vision in their life and already possess a strong base of income already.

If we begin to work in fields of bringing changes in some certain elements of a university setup there is room for strong change and innovations. It is said that leaders are born and not made. But it is also true that good education does prepare all individuals to excel in various walks of life. If a man is not educated properly he will not be able to use his leisure time in a proper way. It is through different co–curricular activities that interest of students is formed and also and ultimately habits are also formed. The aim therefore of a University should be to cultivate students with knowledge and insights to reality with enough practical exposure and ensure that we still are human resources at the end of the day and just not trained machines.

Also, the education pattern must be in such a form and manner that an individual is prepared for the benefit of the society and not vice versa. University education should provide them with confidence and self-reliance. A sense of selflessness and contribution to the economy as a whole should also be a key prerequisite of a university and its way of learning and all monetary aspects should be prioritised afterwards, and also ensure that in a corporate setup they create people working with sincerity and devotion and at the same time cater to the need of the organisation as well

The aim of education is to turn out leaders of men and the universities should inspire young men and women with noble ideas.

- Dr. Radha Krishnan

Written by Rounak Hotchandani
A media and communication aspirant, does writing and reading books as a hobby and a philanthropist.

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