Monday, 23 January 2017

Decoding Feminism: You Just Don't Understand It

Today is an era of equality which must have been there since ages, the need for feminism is immensely high. There are so many amazing women out there who can be a guide to not only the female gender but to the entire humanity. One cannot escape from the reality that today is the time of women but sadly only the educated ones. The central issue has always been equality. The vast divide is 2 fold:

Educated Women: Wrongly using the concept
Uneducated Rural Women: Don’t know anything about it

A composite measure reflecting inequality between women and men can be in 3 forms:
  • Reproductive health
  • Empowerment as a whole
  • Labour force participation
There are no residual doubts about the fact that Empowerment of Women would result in a developed society as a whole.

Positive side

Participation  of women in education sector is increasing. Awareness of women right is something which gradually every woman is understanding and acknowledging.

Negative side

Feminism has caused the world to be an unhappy and a worse place when it comes to equality. Preaching an idea that women are victims of the male dominant society and they need men to help them.

According to research in human development, there is substantial evidence to claim that there is a strong establishment between women empowerment, safety and education and international development. Domestic abuse is down at a significant rate and it is a great news for our society as a whole. Exploiting negative cultures and taboo that harmed women and their development are also reducing to a greater extent.

I feel proud to be born at a time where there are so many women, and looking at them I do think that we have made a huge leap towards gender equality and this is such an amazing feeling which cannot be expressed in words because ultimately it is about empowerment of women and this is the need of the hour because the nation’s success depends on all the people irrespective of any gender.

There are so many perspectives and point of views of people that sometimes we don’t discuss the actual cause but what we discuss is all the totally irrelevant topics during the discussion which makes the core idea of appreciating feminism becomes a futile idea.

Here is one such poem which will change your viewpoints on feminism and make you understand the relevance of it:
I hear the phrase 'Man up',
all around this place.
But never in my lifetime has someone told me to
Woman up.
I don't know why this is, for I am a woman.
To 'man up' is to hide emotion,
To 'man up is to act tough,
To 'man up is to be strong and brave and resilient,
I can be these things. But I am a woman.
Tell me to 'Woman up'
Tell me that to cry is not a bad thing,
Tell me that emotion shouldn't be hidden,
Tell me that living in the shows of the poster boy is not wrong because behind the sense
is just as important as being up front.
Tell me that a woman can be strong,
Tell me that a woman can be independent and smart and brave.
Tell me to woman up. Tell girls to woman up. Tell boys to woman up.
Woman up.
It is not offensive to be a woman.
Woman up.

- Paige May Wiseman

Written by Rounak Hotchandani
A media and communication aspirant, does writing and reading books as a hobby and a philanthropist.

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