Monday, 9 January 2017

Concerns of an Open-Minded and Over-Friendly Woman

Are you the kind of a person who in a matter of seconds start talking a mile a minute to a stranger? 

Or someone who doesn’t mind talking about anything or everything? You get friendly with just about to everyone and maybe sometimes over friendly! Yeah, being a woman who is open minded as well as over friendly has it’s downsizing for us.

You can jut never speak your mind. As not everyone is open minded like you. And people tend to frown upon if not take it in a totally different way. For instance, if you are comfortable to talk, on the subject matter of sex. People more likely come into three category-

One, they won’t like you talking about it and perceive you in more often than not in negative light.

Two, they will take it up as an opportunity to come onto you, not concerning to your feelings or take onto it.

And three, the least one, they understand it and are of ‘similar’ mindset.

So, you can’t always be all upfront about things as people don’t have the ability to either understand it or they just take it in a wrong way.

Even if you are not interested in an individual, but he has shown interest in you. Although you have already talked it out with him that ‘friendship’ is the only thing for you. The way of your conversing with other people, about almost everything, makes the relationship a nuisance for you to have it just ‘friend zoned’. And then they claim that you lead them on.

And god forbid, if you are the touchy-feely type of person. Some of us have the nature of touching the people when talking to them. Well, we are not advancing on anyone but alas, if they could understand it. We need to be ‘extra’ careful when conversing with an individual.

It just doesn’t stop there; it is present everywhere in each aspect of our lives. We can’t be ourselves or we aren’t left to be our own freaking self. It is a reality where one such woman just can’t be her real self. But we are! Not going to change ourselves but be a latitudinarian and a frank personality.

So, let’s be true. Let’s be us.

Written by Anjali Tyagi
I am a hardcore reader and a story weaver with an affinity for words and to rhyme.

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