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Changing Trends in Indian Cinema from 1950s To 2017

Bollywood is known to make a variety of films ranging from commercial masala flicks to the realistic cinema, from sci-fi superhero films to message-oriented films. A common pattern that one can observe in the films that release every year is the set formula on which most of the films are based. Filmmakers, here, try to follow a set formula in their films and don’t wish to experiment with new story and screenplay.

The 50s and early 60s saw some outstanding films being made by acclaimed filmmakers that won several awards at various film festivals and globally. The late 60s and early 70s saw a shift towards romantic and action films with the late 70s indulging in full gritty and violent angry-young-men films that appealed to the masses and proved blockbusters for the producers. An important aspect of this phase was the re-introduction of “parallel cinema” that had gone down a bit. Filmmakers continued to make art films that were liked by the audience alike but didn’t see much commercial success.

The late 80s and 90s saw filmmakers swinging back to family-centric musicals with a majority of the films getting blockbuster success. The melodious music of this phase is still something which people tend to appreciate. The 2000s saw a drastic change in the type of films being made and the way they were made. The production costs, cinematography, technical aspects, and animations reached newer heights and with a new audience base in the NRIs, filmmakers started making films that involved them in the storyline.

The 2010s again saw a change in the films being made, with the commercial masala films getting a lot of attention. Everyone started making such films and they proved success too. But over the last few years, there has been a sudden and much-needed change in filmmaking. Now, filmmakers have started looking for realistic cinema and a strong plot. The audience has been very critical towards the films being made that has resulted in stars wanting strong plot and storyline in the films. The change has also been in the music industry that has seen a steady rise in the rappers getting involved in film’s music and imparting a much-needed freshness to the film and music.

Biopics, hard-hitting subjects, women-centric films, rural-Indian story are some of the changes that Bollywood has seen over the last few years. Filmmakers aren’t afraid of experimenting with such films and even the most well-established filmmakers are taking this route and making realistic cinema.

The audience has played a big part in enforcing this change and we hope to see more such films being made on a regular basis. This change is something that was required for a long time and finally, it has seen the light of the day. Hopefully, this new-age cinema remains on the scene for a long time and the filmmakers give us flawless performance-oriented films.

Written by Anubhav Srivastava
A big sports enthusiast, avid reader and also love playing badminton. Writing makes me happy and satisfied.

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