Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Bollywood: How Fickle Can Our Award Shows Be?

The season of popular award shows has come, and yet again the Indian audience has to bear the agony of sitting through another indistinguishable award show lacking originality, authenticity and credibility. Time and again, we witness stars dancing and walking away with awards in a scenario when it’s hard to even tell one award function from another.

With the humongous increase in the award shows, one doesn’t take time to realize that the shows are quite identical. With them being hosted by prominent media houses in the country in a bid to charm and impress the popular and admired stars who dazzle their way in an attempt to make the event a success, there is little left for the audiences instead of starry night stuffed with back to back item numbers, interspersed with jokey platters and obtuse performances.

It is nobody’s case that the award shows should necessarily be intellectual or full of potential, representing an extravaganza to celebrate and honour incredible talent; they are a celebration of songs, dances and colors, which is evidently exhibited on the stage. But is a modicum of taste too much to ask for?

Does it all have to be utter drivel?

Our award shows have absolutely no clue as to how the laurels need to be bestowed on the deserving ones. With films like Airlift, Rustom and Aligarh, nowhere near the slots of any of the nomination categories, veteran actors such as Akshay Kumar (ignoring his imprudent choice of films every now and then) and Manoj Bajpayee once again left in the cold, it’s just poignant to see when the good films and actors are overlooked in favor of well, we all know!

In such a scenario, how can we expect our own Oscars, when the award system in its glorious entirety is rigged to its roots. I am obviously not contesting about our beloved Bollywood’s capability of churning out classics every now and then, but what bugs me the most are the silly award shows. However, it would be unfair to trash the endeavors of the people behind the Indian film awards gimmick; the craftsmen, writers, set designers, choreographers, and the errand spot boys catering to the stars’ tantrums and their last minute hiccups.

The real issue may be that not all award shows are equally respected and honoured by the stars. Maybe they are not considered as something which is really worth having. Although, Filmfare used to be one such award some time back, but then with due course of time, it lost its charm. The National Film Awards is definitely worth it, however, it is low on the glamour and entertainment quotient.

Written by Chhavi Minhas
“A free spirit, dreamer and admirer of this puzzle called life”

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