Wednesday, 25 January 2017

5 Tips For A Better Life And A Better Career

As soon as we turn 20, we get labelled as grown-ups by our family and friends. According to the society, you become a man, eligible to start a family and take your own judgments.

In school, we fancy the happening lives of adults we know like our father, teacher, and other people including movie stars. We discuss of getting old, enrolling in college, finding a job, and finally get married- everyone's ideal happy life. Sounds pretty and peaceful, isn’t it? I wish if it was only that smooth. Sorry, if I thrashed your morale’s but it’s time you awake and start executing tasks which will steer you towards the life you crave for.

Here are some tips from the experts who have previously implied it in their stories for effective career and life management. And, for mastering these to achieve success, you have to deliberately emphasize on these tips from the commencement.

1. Get clarity on your objective: either it’s business or life

You want to get rich, you want to get famous, or you want to lead a low profile life: whatever is your intention, get crystal clear about it before you get out of college. Experimenting is for those who have financial support but if you don’t have one, start exploring. Learn about your niche and then proceed in the same direction. If you fail while doing so, get into the first thing you like and carry it perpetually. At the end what matters is experience or knowledge rather than a college degree.

2. Always keep a plan B

‘Don’t let your right hand know what’s in your left hand’ I don’t recollect who quoted it but I am an ardent believer of it. Utmost successful people followed this philosophy and never got disappointed. You should always have a Plan B, if plan A fails, move on to plan B without misusing time. The hurdle is to know when the right time is and the answer is when you feel no amount of your effort can revive what you started or your heart calls for a change. Look for these signs move on.

3. Keep your demands small and plan huge

Have you ever discerned someone who makes good money yet dress like an average person? though you acknowledge they are not toward bad addictions like drugs or gambling. Do you wonder where do they use the money? They are probably saving money for something big. Saving and investing your money from the very first job that you get is the wisest tip that anyone will give you. Where to invest is your call.

4. Take risk and never give up

If you think you can do something, don’t keep pondering on thoughts of it, take the risk, you will get either get success or a lesson, both will be of equivalent worth. But, be reasonable with your money while taking the risk. Adopt 1:4 ratios: use one-fourth of your income for the risk you’re taking and save the rest for rainy days. Also, don’t obtain investment from unreliable sources, invest your own money.

5. Never be shy about starting with something considering your age

There are numerous stories of people that encourage others with their exceptional fight back and that too at an age when most people give up or plan their retirement. Take inspiration from the story of Colonel Harland Sanders, the founder of famous restaurant chain KFC. He started on the venture which is known as KFC now at the age of 65.

Written by Vatsa

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