Saturday, 21 January 2017

4 Simple Steps to Lead a Healthy Life

Health is wealth. This is particularly right. If your health is not firm and strong, you can’t work for hours, or enjoy yourself or spent time with friends and family. So, there’s nothing as important as being healthy.

You don’t need to go for some special classes to maintain that. The first step in the right direction is to believe in yourself and having a heart and mind to want to be healthy. A simple routine to follow and some simple steps to always keep in mind is enough to achieve it.

#1. Taking Stairs

It is our natural reaction to take escalators or elevators instead of stairs. But it is just one habit away to stick to. Whenever you see stairs, without any single thought, just take them. Even if you are getting late, prefer stairs. Once you start doing it, it will become a habit of yours and your brain will automatically make you do it. You don’t need special gym equipment or such, just some stairs and you are good to go.

#2. Give 3 Minutes to Yourself

Don’t spend hours in the gym sweating yourself. You don’t need to! Give 3-5 minutes every morning to yourself and you will feel the changes within you. Whether it’s simple Kapalbhati or sit-ups or planks of those few minutes, it is good for your health. Morning with an empty stomach is the best way to treat your body. Just stick to a mere few minutes of this.

#3. Salads

Make it a habit of yours to eat a lot of salad with your food. Be it lunch or dinner, actually sneak the salad even in between them as snacks. And don’t keep to just a few; add the different type of salads of not only vegetable but also fruit to your list to have lots of vitamins. This will not only add flavour to your diet but also make it way healthier treat for you.

#4. Walk Around

This is a digital era and we are constantly on computers or mobiles or other devices. For work or for fun, we are dependent on just them. Not only our eyes affected from this but also our postures, for sitting for a long time working on our systems and devices. Go for a stroll, stretch out your legs and arms, relax your muscles and take a mouthful of fresh air.

It is essential that we look out for our own health, especially in this environment. But you don’t have to stick to some hardcore regimes, just follow these simple steps and you are all healthy and in pristine condition!

Written by Anjali Tyagi
I am a hardcore reader and a story weaver with an affinity for words and to rhyme.

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