Wednesday, 25 January 2017

3 Things We All Can Learn From Traffic Lights

If you want to learn good things, you will find even the smallest things to learn from like the above heading says. It is the most common place where we get to see all kinds of actions. It is up to you how much you watch and learn from these simple things.

I have pinned down some of those simple points down to which you can make useful and also you may find some good points than below mentioned.

#1. It doesn’t matter how you start!

As everyone starts same time at the traffic light some go faster and some go at their own speed but the best part is that they all end up same at the next light.

What we can learn from this is, that it doesn’t matter how you start the thing, all it requires you to keep on going no matter what comes in front of you and you will reach the destination. All it needs from you is that dedication to keep on going and not stopping at any cost so that you can reach the goal which you want to reach.

#2. It’s not about the sizes!

It is not about how bigger capacity vehicle you have as you may go faster for few seconds, later to stop at the next light.

Hence similarly it doesn’t matter if you need the tools to make things work or the person who has access to things will make it work. It is up to us how we use the tools which are at our dispose and reach the goal we desire to reach. All the talented people made names without any access to the tools, as they had the urge to get the things done so they found the other ways to do so.

#3. Everything comes to you in time!

As the lights have a specific timing at which they are designed to operate.

Everything in life comes to you when the time is right. Be patient and enjoy the things which you have right now, rather than weeping for the things which you don’t have. Things come to place in sequence, so as the lights like red-yellow-green. All you have to do is wait for the things and work for them and be desired for those things as you will value more for the things that you have worked for.

There are so many things that you can learn from even the smallest things in your life, as it all boils down to is how much of your surrounding you look and observe. Life is about all the small things which make you happy and you learn from them. Start to see the world in your own way and enjoy the smallest thing, make yourself and others happy.

Don’t forget to follow the traffic rules and make others to follow them as they are made to keep us safe and live a good life.

Written by Rajeev.K (austinrajiv)
I am a simple person with interest in riding bikes (with protective gears), music (rap & metal), writing (about things that i experience), photography, fitness, food (vegetarian), that's all !!  live and let live.

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