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10 Things Students Must Do in First and Second Year of College

1. Visit places

Irrespective of whether you are a hosteller or a day scholar you must hang out with new people you are meeting. This will give you a chance to get along with them. Since you have to spend 3-5 years with them it becomes necessary to build a healthy relationship with the mates.

2. College fest

Show full enthusiasms while your college fest because only 1st-year students are required to provide manpower. They have to take help from seniors and eventually have the responsibility of making the event successful. Again while fests and all new friendships begin.

3. Other college fests

You must have a group of people who accompanies you to other college fests. You should participate in their events and try winning the prizes or coupons. This adds thrill in life.

4. Don’t miss college

In this age group, almost 75% students are lazy enough. Missing morning classes get in the routine. But you know what you must try not to miss the college. College is the only fun which you have in your present. Of course, many of you would still be missing your school friends but guys if you won’t visit and stay in college at time then how will you end up making friends.

5. Study a little

You may skip this point if you study accordingly. If you don’t study then please tight your belt and don’t take it lightly. Obviously, pointers cannot determine your potential and skill but at some point it becomes important. So what do you need to do? You just have to maintain a decent pointer and it would never require any extra effort. What you have to do is to just concentrate while lectures and take the class notes. That’s all.

6. Hobby

It’s the most important element to balance your life and to make you happy. You must fill your extra time with your hobby. Now some of you might be thinking that at the end of the day we are not left with any extra time. Guys, I must tell you that you have enough time and you have to manage it for your sake. A hobby can be anything like singing, dancing, reading, drawing, designing, surfing the net, healthy discussion with friends, Writing something, or anything which is productive as well as gives you pleasure. Avoid online chatting.

7. Birthday celebration

On personal level, I love this the most. It is like making one day special for someone. Use your imagination and just do something out of the box and make this day special for your friends. This will give you immense pleasure as you are making someone else feel great.

8. Click photographs

Click thousands of photographs. At present, it will be of no use but at the time of leaving college, you will be mesmerized to visualize the change in yourself and your friends. This is the sweetest way of capturing memories. But while clicking photos don’t forget to see with your eyes as it is of greater importance.

9. Another language

This is really interesting and all of you must try this. Use other languages to greet your friends, to wish them something or to thank them. You can use German words like “Hallo”( to say hello, pronounced as haaalo), “Tschá˝’s”(to say bye, pronounced as chuus), “Guten Morgen” (to say good morning) etc.

10. Interaction with seniors

Always be in contact with your successive seniors as they are more experienced they can help you a lot while your college. They will also be helping you while exams. Moreover, you can go to them when you are home-sick.

Written by Swati Singh
Pursuing Chemical engineering from Panjab University, Chandigarh. Believe in miracles!

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