Thursday, 15 December 2016

Why is focused work rarity today?

You have to start preparing for the exam which is in few days but somehow you postpone it till the night before the exam. You make a list of short-term goals but you are not even done with the first one.

Do you have that feeling? 

You want to do something about it but still don’t take any action well, this is called procrastination sounds very familiar right?

Why do we even do it when we know it’s not going to benefit us in long term. There may be many scientific and psychological justifications for it but we are least concerned about it. I’m going to chart out few realistic and simple activities that will improve your productivity and make you think twice before you procrastinate for that exam.

The Mindset

What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality
– Plutarch

The brain is where all the processing takes place, first step to stop procrastination is having self-awareness and the right mindset. Whenever you want to start your work your brain echoes we still have time let’s go watch some movie this is how your brain plays tricks on you this is the time you have to use your self-awareness and be tough in making the decisions. When you show mercy to yourself that is when you fall prey to procrastination.

What good are all these self-help articles when you are lost and feel distracted again, so be tough to yourself it’ll be very uneasy initially but that is when you think about the big picture than the temporary suffocations. Try to maintain the chart of activities accomplished along with to-do lists this way it pushes you to go that extra mile and gives you a sense of self-gratification.

The Physical Health

Take care of Your body it’s the only place you have to live
– Jim Rohn

Studies have shown that exercise can act as a mood enhancer, but exercise also seems to affect long-term mental health. You want to earn enough money, you want to see your children grow up if you don’t have the physical strength makes all these happen all other things are useless. Training your body to stay fit is equally important as training your brain. Enough sleep, healthy food, daily exercise make you more productive but not the sleepless nights just to achieve fast results.


A man who procrastinates in his choosing will inevitably have his choice made for him by circumstances
– Hunter S.Thompson

If you are physically and mentally fit it is the time to work on the possible distractions. Most of the people are good at working with deadlines or when we are rewarded nicely. What if someone asks you to get up at 4.00 AM you may get up the next day and the possibility is you may snooze the alarm and sleep what if that person offers you some hefty reward you would definitely try to get up right. You may start out with a lot of determination, you may mellow out due to some obstacles but never forget about the reward ahead and why you want to arrive at it. Always be your own critic don’t wait till someone guides you.

Everybody wants to live a happy life, remember happiness comes only with a purpose. You may think you have oceans of time but the wrong decisions you make every second, every minute, every hour influences your life tomorrow. It’s all in your hands if you want to make meaningful life or just sit back and see your life passing in front of your eyes.

Remember there is no better time than now.

Written by Sreelekha Reddy
3rd year B-Tech student who likes to write articles which are useful for students and fun articles too.

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