Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Tips To Make Your New Year Resolutions Succeed

New Year is going to come in few days. A rough sketch has already been shaped in one’s mind as to how to welcome this year more ecstatically than the previous year. People have started discussing the venue, color code, and all celebration related talk so that they can carry out well when the time is near. Above all, the most vital part of the New Year Party is the New Year Resolution  that is taken by everyone and hardly achieved by anyone.

This New Year Resolution is a very interesting thing or in a very simple term, it is a type of vow taken on New Year eve and is forgotten whole year and again it gets refreshed on next New Year eve. This happens to the majority of us, individuals take the promise but it’s not possible for them to get it accomplished in the busy schedule of their life because as the time changes you don’t remember what resolution you have taken.

Have You Ever Thought Why? 

The reason is that the resolutions are not taken seriously. Just because it is fated that on New Year Eve one must make a resolution, so we do it and forget what pledge we made to ourselves. This is not done. Before taking Resolution keep in mind that it should sensible, exotic, uncomplicated and relaxed so that it can be followed whole year without a discontinuity no matter how busy you are.

Here are some of the helping New Year Resolution ideas that are easy to acquire up. Basically, the resolutions are asserted according to one's wish but few mind blowing recommendations are easy to incorporate:

1. All of us have made tons of resolutions from the last few years. Go back have a look how much you have seriously completed from these and if not pick any one from there and start from where you left. There is no harm to plan it once again this year in a new way to get it done perfectly. 

2. Never ever make a promise that can only be achieved in your dreams. Choose the one that is realistic and you are capable enough to uplift it.

3. It is always suggested that education never matters how old you are, so you can start learning from where you have stopped. Else you can learn something new and interesting to advance a new skill to yourself.

4. In this busy schedule of yours, resolution can be taken related to your fitness. Promise yourself that you will properly take care of yourself and you will live a healthy and fit life. For that make a habit of doing yoga, exercise, jogging and you will take a proper meal without a break.

5. Society has given you a lot. In return, you can pay it back by taking a pledge to keep your city and nearby areas clean. Especially a country like INDIA is in much need of it so this year vow to keep your city Neat, Clean, and Green.

6. Striking a perfect balance between your professional and personal life. Apart from your work, you also have a  responsibility towards your family; vow to plan a trip at least once a year to spend a quality time with your family.

7. Time management is important, promise to complete all the work on time to live a life without a stress.

Rightly said, no one can go back and make a new start; anyone can start from now and make a new ending.

Written by Tanisha Chitransh
A Diligent, Punctual and Self-Motivated Person who believes in having good interpersonal skills.

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