Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Things I Love About Winters

As John Boswell says, Winter, a lingering season, is a time to gather golden moments, embark upon a sentimental journey, and enjoy every idle hour.This is simply a golden time of the year when Christmas is just around the corner and winter is in the air. And personally, this is the time of the year that I wish I could bottle up and keep forever. So, read on to find out why I absolutely love winters and see if you can relate to at least some of it.

As a writer, it makes absolute sense that I love the season when nature is at its best. A pristine white blanket covering the ground, with trails of people left in footprints, people moving around in warm fur jackets and children immersed into a highly aggressive game of snow fight. The scenic beauty of the winters makes me wish it were possible to capture the beauty of the season in a picture, but it’s beyond my power to capture something so infused with diverse flavours into just a two-dimensional portrait.

One obvious reason why I love the winters is that they bring along a promise of the new year. It’s almost the end of the current year and people are gearing up for the New Year. Gifts are being exchanged, feelings are being confessed and sins are being atoned. It’s a wonderful confluence of the receding past and the impending future, which leaves you with a very surreal but warm feeling.

Also, I love the fact that winter makes it completely acceptable to laze around. For a bibliophile, it’s a blessing straight from the heavens above. I like how winters mean long hours spent in your house, in your most comfortable pajamas, snuggled into your coziest blanket, with the fire crackling by your side and the rain pelting on your roof (seems straight out of a romantic novel, right?)

Winters have this unique tendency to bring the time to a standstill. I like how you can spend days in that half surreal state in which you’re neither completely into dreams neither into reality. And when you come back to your senses, you’re not really sure how much time has passed (Sometimes, you even forget where you are, but that’s completely acceptable in winters). I mean, for all you know, centuries might have passed in a slice of what seemed like seconds. And this illusion gives you a lot of time to daydream and ponder. With the solitude enveloping you, you can dream about anything from hitting your boss with a chair to going on the perfect blissful vacation with your crush. And what’s more, it is a sin to not daydream during the long days. (Now you know why a lot of writers started writing their first piece of work during winters). Also, having a bounty of time means you can indulge in nostalgia and retrospect. (But beware, depending on how it goes, you might end up with tears on your cheeks or regret in your heart).

The list goes on and on (It is possible to write a whole book on the magic of winters), but I want to go enjoy the beauty of the winters, so I need to cut off this connection with the outside world.

Hope your winter is full of chilled snow fights and warm hugs!

Written by Aneri Doshi
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