Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Simple Things On My Bucket List

So, I just checked something off my bucket list today and I thought of sharing my bucket list with whoever cares enough to read. These things are close to my heart and you might want to consider making them a part of your bucket list too. But before I give you this insight, you might want to get some things clear.

According to Google dictionary (because I was too lazy to go find my pocket oxford dictionary), the term refers to “a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.” Many people tend to make this a very sophisticated and adventurous concept involving huge and life changing steps, your bucket list doesn’t necessarily have to be about a trekking to Machu Picchu, exploring the temples of Angkor Wat, diving to the Great Barrier Reef or visiting a lost city (although these are quite awesome options). It can be as simple as learning to do your laundry in time. So, here’s my bucket list.

Watching night turn into dawn: 

This isn’t something I have never tried, but something that remains on my bucket list simply because one experience leaves me coming back for more. Imagine you’re in your room, on your bed, cuddled in a blanket, by the window side, when you look out of the window and see the sky turn from shades of black, to shades of orange, to shades of blue, as if there were a painter up there painting a sky?

Imagine yourself looking out of the window, watching the transformation from a silent, dark night where everyone’s sleeping to the first signs of life on a warm sunny morning? It makes you feel as if the whole world’s just a play and you’re a spectator, quietly admiring the beauty.

Go back home: 

Imagine you left your hometown ten years ago, in search of that one opportunity that you’ve always wanted. And imagine you took that opportunity and made a success of your life. Now, just imagine going back home.

Going back home to your mom fussing about how you don’t eat enough, your dad always feeling proud of you but never being able to say it, meeting all of your childhood friends, remembering all those memorable days and seeing how time and distance haven’t been able to taint your friendship and lastly, imagine going back to those people who told you that you wouldn’t be able to become anything in your life, knowing that you’ve proven them wrong.

Imagine going back to the place where you feel both at home and like an imposter. Imagine walking in those familiar lanes, smelling those familiar smells and meeting people you’ve known for all your lives. Imagine going back to the place which accepted you for what you were and allowed you to open your wings, take flight and pursue your dreams. Imagine going back to that and much more. 

Pull an all-nighter: 

This is one thing I developed a taste for during my board exams. I would stay awake all night, studying, and my friends thought I was crazy to sacrifice so much for just an exam.

But do you know what kept me going?

Imagine that you’re supposed to finish ten chapters within two days. So, on the first day, you finish 3 chapters till midnight. And then, while everyone goes to sleep, you persevere over your work and keep going till sunrise. Let's say you finish 4 chapters during the night. Now, you have two hours of sleeping bliss (after so many hours of trying to keep your eyelids open) ahead of you and just 3 chapters to do the next day, while you get the satisfaction of sacrificing more than everyone else.

These might be simple things, but they’ve come to play a very important part in life. And that they should find a place in my bucket list is pretty obvious. So, go ahead, make a simple bucket list and you’re set to conquer the impossibilities.

Written by Aneri Doshi
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