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Significance of Different Colours in Our Life

Colours are an integral part of our life. They hold a profound meaning in our day to day lives, impacting our appearance along with our psychological state. A normal human can see more than two thousand different shades of colour. They have a presence, from our walls to our clothes to the way we perceive things. Colours have even a distinction of sorts in terms of primary, secondary, warm, strong and neutrals which further describes our personality and our mood. All in all, they are a huge part of our life and impacts us in a huge way.

Take a look at different colours and their significance on us and our lives:

# Red

Red is the colour of love and passion. It is sultry and sensual making it the most noticeable one. But it is also the colour of danger and our blood.

Red basically creates immense vibrancy and exuberance. Not only this much, it also gives off the vibes of optimism, vitality, heat and struggle. It oozes off a power from you, creating a dominating aura around you.

Red also encourages blood circulation, increases the muscle tone and excretes adrenaline in your body. It gives you an appearance of sensual and sexual nature along with a touch of warmth.

# Yellow

This colour is associated with intellect and mind. It comes out as a cheerful one showing off optimism, happiness, imagination, hope and joy.

But along with this, it also signifies dishonesty, disease and impatience. Yellow is the colour of sunshine too, making you look bright and cheery.

Yellow has a huge impact on respiratory organs and has positive effects on your nervous system and thinking process. It is warm, soothing and an elegant tone which symbolises wisdom and at the same time encourages your concentration level.

# Black

Nothing wafts off power like black. Black colour is one of the favourites for both men and women.

It is secretive which creates an aura of mystery. Hidden from the world, it’s all bottled up inside creating the same air around the wearer.

Black colour is the sign of sophistication, formality, power and wealth. But it also gives off the signs of grief, death and evil.

Black has an authority and dominating nature that makes your appearance all massive, stealthy and anonymous. It is sexy and powerful!

# White

You see white and the first thing that comes to mind is peace. It shows off reverence, humility, cleanliness and virginity. At the same time, it signifies coldness and sterility.

But different places have different meanings as in, in some places white represents death and at others wedding. So, it keeps on changing.

But in general, white is responded with positivity and is a symbol of innocence, pride, kindness and eternal. The appearance it gives to the wearer is of pristineness and perfection.

Colours have varied and distinct meanings and is a very detailed and incredibly deep subject to know and study about.

Written by Anjali Tyagi
I am a hardcore reader and a story weaver with an affinity for words and to rhyme.

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